Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Observations

1. I need to step away from the giant bag of candy on top of the fridge, especially the Reese's cups.

2. Hungry Hungry Hippos is just as fun as I remember it being.

3. My favorite gift is one I didn't ask for or even know I wanted: the first season of Beverly Hills, 90210. I did not remember how fabulous 1990's fashions were-- zOMG. I also forgot Brenda's class angst, the shrinking roles of Jim and Cindy Walsh and the expanding presence of Kelly and Donna, and how OLD Andrea and Dylan were. IT'S SO GOOD.

Dora's House continues to delight.

As you can see, the wise men are visiting. Harry calls them the Wises, which makes me want to write a story-- the infancy narrative as it has been reenacted at our house this Chrismukkah season.

Harry's favorite gift. (OMG SO LOUD THEY"RE SO LOUD)

Another big hit

Okay. I want to make a public declaration: I am noticeably fatter than I was last week; I eat chocolate at every meal, and I haven't put on clothes with actual waistbands or gone to the gym since the 23rd. Tomorrow, I am getting back on the exercise and reasonable food intake wagon. Also? I am staying the hell away from the mall. Ever since Ben decided to go back to work, it's like Sephora has activated my homing beacon. Tomorrow: back to responsible adulthood.


  1. LOL, I haven't worn pants with a waistband since June! And people won't stop bringing me yummy treats!

    I love the drums. I can't imagine how loud it must be.

  2. Dude I got Sephora gift cards for Christmas and I will spend them for you in spirit.

  3. you are so brave to have drums.

    so brave...

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I like it when they call the wise men the "wise guys." It's so Tony Soprano at the manger!

  5. I haven't worn pants with a waistband for longer than a two hour period in about 5 years. Which explains the 25 lbs I have to lose.

    my personal homing beacon that has been reactivated this season has been Ebay - I forgot how fun it is to win auctions! My bank balance is groaning.