Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little People Nativity: An Update

Good news: I found the holy infant we've been missing. He was under the little cabinet that holds our extra dishes and stemware.

Bad news: He was next to a chunk of unidentifiable protein that was no longer tender or mild.

Bad news: We lost the cute little tray of plastic vegetables that goes in the plastic cart the cute little donkey pulls.

God news: Jack uses that cart as Jesus's stroller.

Good news: Noah is visiting from the Ark just to keep things Old Testament. He brought a ginormous dreidel, and if you think that's big, you should see his gelt.

Bad news: That gelt joke. Sorry.


  1. Love it! All of it.

  2. When my niece was little, she put baby Jesus behind the refrigerator every. single. time. she visited my grandma. Finally tired of constantly having to search for baby Jesus, my mum asked her why Jesus had to go behind the fridge. My niece's answer? "Baby Jesus needs a time-out." I love how things that make no sense to us, make complete sense to kids - lol! ~KellyJo

  3. glad to see all the Little People are back in their respective Testaments.

  4. Little baby (aka:Jesus) uses the toilet a lot in our Little People world.

    I super enjoy your nativity scene adventures. :)

  5. "God News" -- I was laughing myself into an asthma attack.

    But the real question: where was Elf on the Shelf during all this?

  6. AJU5 uses the cart for the same thing! Oh, and the cow does the pulling around here for some reason.
    Now I should go find all of our pieces, as a certain 1 yr old loves to carry the animals around the house which really aggravates his big sister.

  7. so brightened my morning. I think Noah really classes up the whole affair ;)