Sunday, September 20, 2009

I should be cleaning out my fridge right now...

The good news is that the box elder bugs have not invaded our house this year.

The bad news is that we're plagued with bees. They swarm our trees, bushes and flower boxes, and the babysitters have to dart in and out of our house. Ben and Harry are at Menards right now looking for some bee solutions (read: horrible, dangerous chemicals and hopefully beekeeper clothes because that's just funny).

The semester continues to deplete us, so let me just give you a glimpse of our super lazy menu for the week:

It has gotten so overwhelming that when one of us has a late night, the person home with the kids doesn't even pretend like s/he is planning to cook dinner. Also? TJ's frozen stir fry counts for a healthy meal this week. Bummer.

Hey look! Harry and Jack collaborated on their first art project:

The large colred area is Buzz Lightyear, and the smaller Jack-contributed patch is his rocket ship (DUH).
And Jack has taken a heightened interest in grooming himself, which slays me.


  1. As for healthy food - we just keep some organic frozen veggies in our freezer at all times. That with a chicken breast can make for a healthy dinner very easily!

    And the coloring - that is great work! I wish AJU5 would tell me what she is drawing some times...

  2. Hey, if you could teach ME how to use a straightening iron, I know you can teach a toddler!

    We ate pizza both Friday and Saturday night this weekend. Go us.

  3. Anonymous4:02 PM

    From what I can see on facebook, you, and Ben and the boys are as beautiful and handsome as ever===happy everything to hyou all...Bomma

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