Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall food in the forecast

One morning last week, we stopped at Starbucks before school, and Harry drank hot chocolate looking like a teeny hipster. His hair is so awesome right now-- exactly like Zac Effron's on the cover of the _17 Again_ DVD. Harry told me before bedtime last night, "Remember that time when my hair was getting in my eyes? It's doing that again." So, I think he needs a trim.

Sometime in the last few days, Jack became an actual person who is like all id all the time. There he goes running away from us at Barnes and Noble (where we bought Dave Ramsey's _Total Money Makeover_-- which is the scariest fucking book I have ever read and I'll write more about that later because wow!)

Nothing makes Ben grin more than sharpening knives. Creepy, huh? We made what we hope is a delicious beef stew last night. it is currently slowcooking on the counter and should be delightful tonight.

Pizza from this local chain that promotes other local chains. In addition to a pretty fantastic pie that we just tried for the first time yesterday, the owner sells all his favorite local foods, namely ice cream, kosher donuts, and gas station gyros. The owner is a large man.
Beef stew (beef, broth, flour, peas, carrots, onion, potatoes, garlic, thyme, and a bay leaf. Only we took out the potatoes and added butternut squash, yams, and turnips.)
Grapes (quartered because I am afraid to give the kids whole grapes-- is that weird?)
Turkey breast
Green beans
Pumpkin bread
(I stole the idea for this dinner from Becca and she emailed me her pumpkin bread recipe, so I m super excited. My grandma gave me some slow cooker cook books years ago, and this weekend, Ben and I stumbled upon a turkey breast recipe that only has 5 ingredients, and you just sort of dump 'em all together: turkey breast (duh), a can of whole-berry cranberry sauce, a package of onion soup mix, and 1/2 c, of orange juice. I'll let you know how it goes).
Chicken tacos
Rotini with meatballs
Tossed salad

I am feeling very bloggy lately (probably because I need to do some writing for real, and I am beginning my good old shame spiral), so I hope to talk about budgets and balance this week, so please, get your best tips ready.


  1. I always love budget talk! Always looking for new ideas.

    I'm def going to try your turkey recipe!! Sounds yummy and like it would make the house smell fantastic.

    Enjoy the pumpkin bread. Charlie's been asking for it so I think I'll add it to our weekly lineup too.

    Jack looks so cute in his overalls!

  2. Unfortunately, my husband informed me recently that he doesn't like stew... There goes some plans for meals this fall using the slow cooker! Yours sounds great though!

    As for Dave Ramsey, supposedly his system really works. But, he is very tough! I can't wait to see wha tyou have to say!