Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mah hair. Also, some cute pictures of mah babies. Also, also mah menu. And then I will stop saying "mah" for "my." I don't know why I'm doing that

We enjoyed fall preview weather yesterday at the farmer's market and zoo. I also realized poor Harry, he of the 3/4 length sweat shirt sleeves and unintentional manpris, needs some fall clothes, like, yesterday.
Jack, though? He's stocked. He also like to remove his left shoe and sock in the car and sniff his own toes. It's cute because he's still rear facing, so I can see his fat little bare foot and then his stubby little shoed foot when I look in the rear view mirror. and I always think about maybe pulling over to kiss his toes, but I usually don't.

So glad Harry had captive grandparents to ride the zoo train.

Ben and Jack and I checked out the porcupines and wallabies. Then we took Jack to the reptile house (which is where I went into labor with him, but not really a landmark place, since I ignored the contractions until almost 12 hours later), and Jack didn't realize that the burmese python was behind glass and he smacked into said glass after running full speed across the room chortling in delight at the snake and fell straight down on his butt. Like a dazed little birdie. We were too busy laughing to take a picture.

Here's Harry delightedly feeding the goats-- he was shrieking with pure joy in this picture.

After our morning outings, I had an appointment for a pre-semester cut and color. My super red hir was still kind of vibrant last week:

But by yesterday, it was an orange mess:

I went super light (for me), and I went back to last year's bob, with this years bangs:

When Harry saw me after the salon, he clasped his hands under his chin and said proudly, "Oh Mama! You don't look like a box elder bug anymore."

Here's our menu this week:
Grilled turkey breast
wax beans from the farmer's market

Turkey sandwiches (with the leftover turkey breast)
Veggies and dip
tater tots because the boys LOVE THEM (and I'll have to remind them of this love when they start complaining about school lunches)

Grilled chicken salads (a weekly staple)
sweet corn on the cob

the other white meat chops
roasted new potatoes (with garlic and olive oil unless anyone has other suggestions)
steamed broccoli

rigatoni casserole with ground turkey
steamed zucchini

Our food is simple and boring-- any great websites with more complex recipes you can point us toward? Especially since colder weather means we're less likely to just grill it and eat it.


  1. I love your hair!!!

  2. Your menu sounds just right to me! Ours is very simple too. But I usually cook it with small children clamboring for my attention, so you know. Love the story about Jack smacking into the glass! Poor little guy.

  3. Tripod4:16 PM

    I Love the hair!

  4. 1.) Love your hair

    2.) menu looks fabulous

    3.) bummed to not actually see a picture of Harry in manpris.

  5. Your menu is more "advanced" than ours normally is. I can't wait to pull out the crock pot here soon and make stews and soups - mainly because it is so easy and doesn't take any time...

    And the snake - what is up with that? Shouldn't he be afraid of them and not running up to them?