Thursday, August 13, 2009


Okay, so I have 14,465 pictures in my iPhoto library. Most of them are of my kids, but ya'll know my favorite thing to do is to put pictures of myself on my own blog, so I'd say a good 1500 of them are just of me.

And about 14,300 of them just suck.

Like this one

And this one

Aso this one

I am no Jamie or Gina, that's for sure.

I mostly take pictures of Harry and Jack's butts and feet (not on purpose)

Or wait until something awkward is obscuring a face before I snap

I have 14,465 pictures in my iPhoto library, and I am out of memory-- I didn't even have enough spare space to update my freaking iTunes software. I got an error message that I swore to Ben meant I needed a MacBook Pro, but he was not buying that (my interpretation of the message OR the computer). He suggested I back my stuff up to my time machine and clear my iPhoto library. This seems like a reasonable suggestion, and I know that the 10,000 pictures (of Harry! Just Harry! 10,000!) that used to reside on my now-defunct PowerBook are just fine on my external hard drive. But they're all the way upstairs in my desk, and I am all the way down here on my couch, so they might as well be in Siberia (speaking of? I'm totally freaked out about rogue asteroids, and I blame Ben because he had a glib FB status update about a potential impact in 37 years, and I started googling all this crazy shit about asteroids hitting the earth and Siberia 1908 was at the top of the list).

So, internets, what do I do? Is it safe to clear my library after I back up my photos, or will my kids' memories be destroyed? Should I tell iTunes 8.1 or whatever to shove it and never add another thing to my hard drive (except pictures! I take more shitty pictures everyday!) Should I upgrade my memory? Delete bad pictures before they make it from camera to computer?

Or was I right all along, and I just need the MacBook Pro? (also wow-- spellcheck thinks MacBook is a real word now-- neat).

Thanks in advance for all the advice.

(and this is where I would say something sweet and post a lovely picture from my library, BUT I DON'T HAVE A LOVELY PICTURE BECAUSE I AM BAD AT TAKING THEM. so I'll leave you with this gem)


  1. Your are f***ing insane!

    Love you

  2. That is an AWESOME picture!

    I delete the duds. Or I keep only one or two when I take nineteen pictures of the same scene (which is most of the time). Ryan wants me to keep everything, but I have storage limits too.

  3. Oh goodness, that was funny. First the pics. I delete the bad ones and have no remorse. I have a back up drive (500G) that I store stuff on...but I will say that I'm perhaps one step more neurotic...I have a saftey deposit box at my bank, and my intent is to by a drive to back up the back up case there is a natural disaster..then I'll have a copy. Speaking of natural disasters, the 1908 Sibera thing is a pretty commonly accepted theory. So, as long as an asteroid doesn't hit me, my house or my bank, I'm probably good with the picture storage thing.

  4. Wendy-- the safe deposit box idea is a good one!

    I totally believe the 1908 Siberia impact-- and that's why I am freaked out. It could happen again! Anywhere! Also, Armageddon is my favorite movie.

  5. I say back up your pictures LOTS of times. We had a hard drive crash about a year before our son was born and we lost ALL the pictures from our honeymoon and first few years of our marriage. I found like two in random emails I'd sent people, but I have no puppy pictures (and we had some good ones involving Franklin and beer). I am still not over losing those pictures and we have been super vigilant since our kids were born with pictures (they are on like 4 different computers, two hard drives, and our time machine). That being said though, I go through sometimes and delete the really horrible ones.

  6. First, I delete the terrible ones, but keep the bad ones because, well, they are memories too. Then, we put the good ones on our web server. The others are saved on our home server and then backed up nightly there. I want to put them on CDs at some point too. Then we can of course convert the CD pictures to what ever replaces them in the future.

  7. I delete the really bad ones, upload everything to Shutterfly and back up on an external hard drive. And I still haven't deleted everything off my computer. So I'm probably the wrong person to answer your question

  8. Thanks for the high five Sarah. I'll pass it on to Eugene. I'm in the same position now and have been in the same position several times before. We've bought several external drives. And Ben will kill me for this one--but--we did buy another computer partly because our old iphoto stopped opening up. It wouldn't open at all. Believe me--all I ever do is bitch about iphoto memory. For every great picture that Eugene takes there's 300 crappy pictures that he insists on uploading. It drives me crazy because he NEVER goes back to delete. I'm laughing right now because Mia dropped my cell phone into the toilet and I have spent the past 48 hours convincing Eugene I need an iphone. He's not buying it, got any suggestions for me?

  9. You and I are in the exact same boat: shitty pictures, husbands who won't give in to the MacBook Pro, and no memory. Sigh. I wish we had hung out more at BlogHer. We are heading to WI next week but will miss out on my fave city there this time!