Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paint it black

Yesterday, I ran into Urban Outfitters over lunch to grab a pair of cheap and huge sunglasses. I stood in line behind a group of students just back to campus who were stocking up on poser hipster decor for their new apartments. While they waited on a price check on the clearance paper lantern they were buying, they complained about all the books they had to buy for class. One of them rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, and I probably have to buy even more because one of my Com Arts classes didn't have any book information posted."

And I had a mini heart attack right there in line, clutching my enormous black plastic glasses and feeling the burn of the 30 Day Shred every time I shifted my weight from exhausted leg to exhausted leg. Was she talking about my class? Did I forget to post my books and send my course reader to the coffee shop?

I really couldn't remember because since I had kids, I have totally lost the ability to remember events that happened last week. A shame, really, because I used to be so smart. I think.

In other news, Harry didn't go to bed until almost 10, and Ben and I had no idea what to do with him because we didn't want Jack to wake up, so we let him come downstairs and listened to him whine about T E and TELEVISION! for almost an hour, until he collapsed in a little puddle on the rug and allowed himself to be pottied and tucked back in bed.

I woke up in a foul mood and abandoned my diet in favor of Keebler graham sandwiches, Teddy Grahams, mini ice cream bars, and grilled cheese and fries from Mickey's Dairy Bar.

At Target today, I realized another expense working moms incur that SAHMs probably don't: extra midweek toys you buy your kids because you feel so damn guilty when they call you the baby sitter's name. So if you're thinking of quitting your job and wondering how much money you'll save at home, add that one in with dry cleaning, work clothes, lunches out, parking, gas, and childcare, m'kay?


  1. Sorry about the rough start.

    Your breakfast sounds AWESOME though. I could go for some fries for real.

    I hope things settle down soon.

  2. Use of the word 'poser' = awesome.

    And poor Harry. That's all you can do. I fear that soon #1 will figure out that we don't want #2 to wake up and will get all his wants within that period. I see this costing us money in the future.

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Mickey's = yumtown! Sorry you had such a craptastic day - hopefully as the school year gets rolling it will only get better.