Monday, March 23, 2009


OMG. So glad. Can open windows. Wear short sleeves. Go to parks. Paaaaaarrrrrrrrkkkkkkkssssssss!!!

Can have picnics.

Eat jungle gyms.

Can climb,



But it's like 30 degrees and rainy today. Spring FAIL. Boo hiss.

Am printing a re-re-re-re drafted copy of my dissertation right now. Less than a month until it goes to committee, and just thinking about my defense makes me want to vom.

Oh! Hello to the reader who got here googling "jacked up horses." Awesome.


  1. Okay, I am getting tired of the HOT and then cold here. I never know what to wear! It can be short and t-shirt weather one day and then pants and a long sleeve shirt the next day. Now, I know I shouldn't complain because we aren't having to wear jackets (unless we are wearing short sleeves on a long sleeve day), but you catch my drift I hope!

  2. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Pretty cute pix. I imagine Jack doesn't even remember good weather and going outside w/o a coat. I'll bet he loves it!

  3. I must find a way to use "vom" in a sentence. That was freaking awesome!

    I hope spring sticks next time! We had a return to winter-like temps and rain for a week recently and I was angry the whole time.

  4. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Harry looks like such a boy not a toddler and Jackie is just plain cute...Bomma