Monday, March 16, 2009

11 months-- woah. That's almost a year.

11 months. No way. Cannot be. I feel like this whole year had zipped by. It really does seem like I was JUST hugely pregnant with this little guy, dragging my fat ass to campus for lecture twice a week (with Harry who hung out in the Sex Out Loud office with Erica) and teacing discussion discussion all day Tuesday. OMG. I was so fat and slow and generally bummed out.
And of course so excited to meet Jack, who certianly doesn't disappoint. Wow. Those pants are wayyyyyy too short, huh?

I just read an entry from around this time ast year, when I was so excited because I finished my dissertation's first draft. I was excited about my 5th chapter in particular, which is funny because that one's so bad I'm STILL rewriting it. Ha-- Jack thinks tht's funny. He would.

I realized today that Jack gets read to about 96% less often than Harry did at that age. Sorry about that, little buddy.

To assuage my guilt I read to him tonight before bed (instead of staring at the internet while feeding hm), and he didn't know what to make of his books. He thought they might be some sort of illustrated cracker.

See look-- he's trying to read THE WRONG SIDE of the paper.

Unlike Harry, he is a really good sharer.

In just 30 days, he'll be 1. Wow.

I'm telling you, I can remember this

and this

like these pictures were taken this morning. I must be getting old.

PS: Jack's paternity could never be questioned-- have you seen those crazy long arms?
PPS: That is not a normal baby color, huh?


  1. Anonymous9:55 PM

    isn't he worth every ache and pain,what a doll ...he and Harry make a wonderful pair for your little family... Bomma

  2. That first picture is hysterical! I love how he went from being propped up next to the sign to EATING the sign. Too funny.

    I sort of know what you mean. I can't believe Wes will be 6 months old in a week! That went FAST (which is good because he was kind of a hard newborn and now we're having a lot of fun).

  3. I agree with Becca - Jack eating the sign made me laugh! They grow up so fast though. We realized that this last weekend - two years ago AJU5 wasn't even a thought in our minds and now she is the center of my life!

  4. I LOVE that he's eating that paper. Too cute! I can't believe he's almost a year old! that's crazy!