Monday, February 02, 2009

Buckets of Fun

Phew! Preschool enrollment period is OVER. He is enrolled. I am happy. (and I just might still send our stuff to the cute little church place that we'll never get into just in case, but I swear I am not going to talk about it at all, and if we get in, I probably won't even mention it because that's how cool I am).

(also, I am not that cool, and I will talk about it a lot. Sorry Ben).

Hey! Another new semester of Little Gym started last weekend (our 6th), and my parents came into town to join us for both classes. 2 classes in a row? That's a lot of BIG! RED! MAT! time.
Look at how seriously Jack is listening to his teacher

His feet! They are getting so big!

I love the way he's baring his teeth here-- more of a growl than a smile

He likes yellow and orange veggies so much that his nose is kind of orangish all the time. That's cool-- it matches his wispy hair.

Jack and his gradma deep in conversation

Right after I took this picture, Jack did an unscheduled flip over these bars

Which was ironic because the theme of the week was "spot your tot."

He was fine-- well, as fine as he could be in those silly pants.

Then he poked another baby while all the other kids popped bubbles. Jack has no interest in bubbles. I thought maybe he had a vision problem-- that's how blank he is when it's bubble time. I took him to the eye doctor who said he is totally fine and maybe he just doesn't like bubbles.

After J's class, Ben got to go home and give Jack a nap, and I had to (got to) stay for class #2. Lucky me.

Speaking of huge? Look at this guy-- he covers me up!

Harry refuses to do warm ups on the BIG! RED! MAT!, but the teachers always tell the parents of wanderers to stay on the mat and do the routine to encourage their kids to come back. Ha! My kid is never encouraged-- he just runs around playing on all the equipment while I walk, gallop, and jump all by myself looking like a giant asshole.
I think he does it on purpose.

Harry spent the majority of his class tackling my dad. This activity looked so fun that other kids toddled over and tackled my dad, too. So hear that parents, and don't spend money on toddler gym-- just round up some old men that your kids can jump on. Awkward but cost efficient.

Oh snap. I hear the boys waking up upstairs, and I have a massive basket of laundry calling my name-- seriously, it's all "Fold me Sarah. Fooooooooollllldddddd meeeeee."

So I'll leave with this, which, Dad, should totally be your Facebook profile picture.


  1. I guess that is why we haven't signed AJU5 up for classes yet -s he has enough fun playing with us, at (free) story time, and at church.

    Oh - and the guess bed is calling me too now - thanks for reminding me (it is full of clothes!).

  2. SOOOO CUTE!!! I love all the pictures. Especially the one of Jack tipping over. The entire room is filled with mats and he managed to fall on the floor! How do they do that? I miss Little Gym.

  3. Anonymous10:15 PM

    those boys are so special, and you and your mom are so cute too...Bomma