Friday, February 06, 2009

when in doubt, just throw them in the tub

this time, we tried our no-fail boredom cure with swim diapers and no water-- ironic, huh?

a masterpiece if ever there was one

harry is used to such madness, but jack was all, what the hell guys? this is cold and kind of dumb. also WASH MY ORANGE NOSE!

see that brown thing sticking up at the bottom of the frame? that's my hair in a bang ponytail. don't worry. i got a haircut since that picture was taken. when i told my stylist about the bang pony, she said if i should ever go out in public like that again and if anyone should see me and inquire about my hair, i am not supposed to tell them who cuts it.

it thawed a bit here, so after nap, we are going to put on our new rain boots and take a walk through the slush. because i got an email from the yesterday, telling me that my preschooler needs to play outside everyday. and just when i was shaking my fist at them (hard to shake your fist at cyberspace) and saying how dare you make me feel guilty babycenter? we live in a frozen wasteland and besides my preschooler walks from the car to the gym playroom 5 days a week-- that's plenty of outdoor time, we got a fabulous 40-degree heat wave. (and you might think this sounds kind of bleak, but I guarantee you there will be people walking around downtown with no coats on eating ice cream because that is how people celebrate a thaw in these parts.)

he's excited about the prospect of fresh air.


  1. Haha, I like how in the last picture it looks like Harry has a mane with his art behind him! Letting them paint in the bathtub is pure genius!! I will have to try that. Glad you guys are having a heat wave. I bet it feels great to get outside again!

  2. Good idea to put them in the tub for messy activities like painting- then you can just hose everything down!

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Excited face in the last frame, I see!
    I always liked the "Excited face."
    Jack looks like he is feeling better! When he isn't smiling for the camera, his pictures look somewhat suspicious and a little offended! What do you say to him when you take his picture?

  4. Nice idea!! I will have to try that one :)

  5. Anonymous3:56 PM

    You know, as I lok back at this post, your bangs ponytail makes it look like Harry has a tail!
    Just sayin'

  6. this is hilarious!!! I tried to put E in the tub once w/ finger paints, but it ended up being a very slippery mess. Glad Harry and Jack had more fun!