Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Harry and Jack,

What the heck, guys? We haven't slept in 3 days, and I am starting to take it personally.

Jack-- Sunday nights, what's going on there, buddy? Why is this night different than all other nights? GO TO SLEEP. Love the top teeth, buddy. Also, stop biting me.

Harry-- dude, 3:23 am? What's wrong with you? That's the middle of the night. It's not talky time, not TV time, not awake time. GO TO SLEEP. Great that you took off your own pants and undies and peed this morning. Next time, try the toilet. Or even the bathroom. The wood floor and all over mommy's BlackBerry? Not the best spot. Sorry that you tripped in your own puddle, and hope you liked your morning bath. Also, nice shoes.


  1. He peed on your Blackberry? It IS five o'clock somewhere!

  2. Ugh! That sounds no fun. I mean, couldn't they at least coordinate their bad sleeping into one night? Hopefully tonight will be uneventful!

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Harry looks great in the heels. I love Jack's top teeth. We all had spaces between the top teeth in my family. A genetic trait from my maternal grandfather. I wonder if Jack's will stay like that or grow together. Right now they loo like the teeth in a baby doll.

  4. OMG, poor you! And your blackberry! Although....good aim? Ha ha ha!