Sunday, February 08, 2009

Never before seen footage! Harry on the BIG! RED! MAT!

OMG-- there he is-- on the mat! If Ben hadn't brought home these pictures, I would have never believed it! (that sentence had too many helping verbs, and yet, I feel it actually needed more. Weird).

Harry has never wanted to wheel barrow.

Scaling the "rock" wall

and using LG as an excuse to beat up his other grandpa.

Here we are at lunch. Oaky WTF am I wearing, I know, I know. I have been such a mom hag lately, and I can't help it for some reason. And the boots? Okay, here's the thing-- we got a ton of snow this winter, and now because of global warming it's all freaky warm here, so everything is melting into gray and brown piles of slushy gook, so galoshes are a must. I went out to buy some Wellies, but they were really ugly and pricey (which I know is an odd thing for the girl with 4 pairs of Uggs to complain about), so I got these ones from Target, which are ugly and cheap. But anyway, lunch was fun and delicious. Then we went to a toy store and came back home to play blocks and Wii. An excellent day.

Jack really committed himself to enjoying his sweet potatoes. He just dove right in head first.

Spiderman and Other Spiderman are snuggling on a couch I built them out of blocks. Then Harry buried them in the rest of the blocks, which he called a blanket. And then he built them a block TV.


  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Harry LIKED the mat, once he tried it, huh? Very cute pictures! It looks like lots of fun!

  2. I totally wouldn't have noticed your clothes if you hadn't mentioned it!

    And I think wood is a good insulator, so I bet it would work as a blanket!

  3. I have some pink plaid wellies from Target. They are super cute for wellies and for a couple of bucks, you can't beat 'em!