Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was ready to sit down and write a pst about how balanced I feel lately-- maybe because of the sleep (albeit in an armchair), maybe because of the yoga I've been doing, maybe because my schedule this semester allows me 2 work-out-of-the-home days, 2 stay-at-home-mom days, and 1 half-preschool/baby bonding-day / half-run-errands/work-at-a-coffee-shop nanny day, giving me the compartmentalization I need to be sane.

But then I got dressed and realized my jeans are tight. Maybe tighter than they were a couple of months post partum. So I ate a bunch of mini Hershey bars and now I'm going to clean the bathroom. For fun.

When the kiddies get up, they are going to don their matching sweaters, and we're going to go get some pictures before Jack turns 10 months.

Harry, as you can see, is in love with our new TV; we saved the box that the TV stand came in, thinking he would like to turn it into a pirate ship or a fort, but he could not tear his gaze away.

He tried to play with his sticker book,

but was drawn Linus-like back into the " T E's" clutches.

This guy?

Super duper happy to have the master bedroom to himself.

And now I must get off the couch before my jeans cut off circulation to my thighs. Awesome.


  1. The trick to jeans fitting is to never wash them. Seriously, mine almost fell of the other day and it's not because I've been making such nutritious food choices. Your schedule is AWESOME and I am totally jealous. I think I'm going to be mostly SAH the rest of the semester and I am terrified!

  2. OH and just scarfed three fudge cookies from Schlotzky's because I heart them and no longer care what I look like. Freaking grad school ass.

  3. Yeah for sleep! I think a lot of us just reached the finally getting sleep stage here lately!

    And um.. keep eating candy. It is too good to pass up!

  4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    These are great pix! I don't see how you even have time to eat at all, with the scheduleyou keep!

  5. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I can think of nothing new to say...the children continue to be more adorable every time I see their pictures....Bomma