Sunday, February 22, 2009


Oh my god. I have been so sick. I have whatever the kids have/had (have, really, even though it's been over a week-- poor Jack had a low fever just now when I was putting him to sleep which means he probably will not sleep tonight-- and why should he, really-- he never STTN on Sundays, the little weirdo). It's some sort of horrible virus that brings with it fever, body aches, a rattling chest cough and an upset stomach. Also a really bad attitude. Also the inability to sleep from 2 am to 5:30 am. I thought this was just Harry and Jack trying to kill us last week (We did not sleep last week at all. On Thursday, in fact, we literally only slept from 11:30-2 and then I slept a teeny bit from 5:30-7-ish and Ben got up with Harry the early riser), but then I laid awake from 2-5 the last 2 nights, achy and shivering and miserable despite my Tylenol and Motrin regimen (the same meds we give the kids). So I'm sick. Harry is better except for a runny nose and the aforementioned bad attitude (Seriously, he took off his pants and underpants and peed all over his Build a Bears who were minding their own business in his IKEA tent. He is only happy when he is eating crackers in his airplane cup while watching Toy Story 2, which he calls-- inexplicably-- "The Girlfriend Movie."), and Jack still appears to be under the weather. We went to the doctor on Thursday, and he said it was a cold. Awesome.

Since I already felt like total crap, we thought we'd have lunch Saturday at Chuck E Cheese.

Jack dressed for the occasion

Harry brought his 'tude

We took turns playing ski ball one-handed while holding Jack

and still had to pay seventy-four cents for this pirate get-up, argh

When we got home, Ben noted that I appeared to have vomit on the back of my sweater. Odd. Neither of our kids puked. I took a picture of it just for you.

Here's Jack sporting a particularly nice bath mohawk

Ben and I had a ridiculous fight this morning about me being sick because he was sick one Sunday a month or so ago, and I yelled at him and told him nobody gets to be sick on Sunday because Sunday is CLEANING DAY. I bucked up and cleaned the house, but first we took Harry and Jack outside to play in what we hope against hope is the last snow of the season.
Bundling up is always a bit of a struggle.

Okay, so here are a lot of Jack pictures. His blank stare CRACKED ME UP-- this is how he looks when there are bubbles in the air.

Ben and Harry shoveled.

Okay. So. Here's the thing. I want to be done done done done with my dissertation in 5 weeks. So, for the next 5 weeks, it's just me and Planned Parenthood, at least when I am in front of this screen. I'll post when I can, but I really need to work. And not update my Facebook status 56 times a day. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck!!! I'll be cheering for you.

    Those sledding pictures are hysterical. I hope it's the last snow of the season too. If not, there are many wonderful houses for sale in South. And I've already worn shorts a handful of times this year.

  2. I, too, am sick with the crud. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck with the writing and congrats on actually cleaning the house while sick!

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I know you will get anything that's needed finished;;;that's just the kind of kid you are..hope everyone is well Bomma

  4. Ugh! that doesn't wound any fun - being sick and all! Hopefully you will be on the mend quickly!

    Now, I would love the snow here. Instead, we are supposed to be very warm (and we do normally get snow in my neck of the woods). But, I guess if you have to deal with it all the time, it might get old!