Saturday, February 07, 2009

Good news and bad news

Good News: Jack slept ALL NIGHT LONG in his own bed! (the pack and play in our room, I mean)

Bad News: Ben slept here:

And I slept here:

Apparently, Jack is not a cosleeper. Every night, we have been putting him down at 7:30, and then we end up waking him up no matter how quietly we creep into the room when we come to bed at like 10:30. I think he smells us or something. He comes into our bed, and everyone gets a crappy night's sleep. Last night, I passed out in the chair and slept uninterrupted until Harry came downstairs at 4:30, which woke everyone up and turned our pleasant night's sleep into Thurber's "The Night the Bed Fell" only with more poop and less hilarity. But even though I have been up since 4:30 (not ON MY FEET, but awake-- well, that's not true, I drifted off again a little after 5-ish, only to be woken up by Ben who was frantically searching under all my covers for Jack-- who was happily back to sleep in the crib in Harry's room-- Harry was asleep on the couch), I feel better rested than I have in 10 months (Jack is 9 months and 3 weeks, but that last week of pregnancy sucked sleep-wise).

Bad News: Our cute little 26 inch TV that we bought the day after we got back from our honeymoon broke last night. Right before dinner-- the crankiest time of Harry's day. Harry lost his crap when the screen stayed black and Mommy and Daddy couldn't find a picture of Dora to match her words. I have never seen the kid so inconsolable. He kept wailing "I can't see T E!"
Good News:

Despite the crazy bed switching party we had this morning, we're all in unusually good spirits

I think until further notice, Ben and I will be sleeping in front of the tube.


  1. We went through that too - at about 9 months. That is when we decided AJU5 had to move to her own room. Hopefully Jack will keep it up and then you can move him in with Harry before long!

  2. Yay for long sleeping nights! And new TVs! Isn't it a pain that it takes so long to figure out the little tricks that work for each kid? Wesley's trick was crying for thirty minutes in a row. Frustrating.

  3. Whooo hooo!!!!! That's fantastic :)

  4. That's GREAT J slept through the night! Wow, and you just had to vacate for it to happen. Not a bad trade off, though the recliner isn't the best place to sleep.

    However, as a mother who knows about EVERYONE getting a crappy night's sleep, I might opt for a recliner from 10:30 to 4 am, than a squirmy baby and sleeping with one eye open all night long.

    Good deal for you, B and J!