Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Under Pressure

Ben and I? Not good when we're stressed. Duh.

I am so tired because Jack is sick and not sleeping. And Ben is sick because the child watch area at my new gym is teeming with all kinds of new viruses, and Harry and Jack brought them home and shared them with us.

This morning while rushing around trying to get out the door we decided that we should either A) stop co-habitating or B) have me quit my job. Both totally rational, reasonable, and perfectly proportioned responses to morning dressing and breakfasting stressors. Also, I didn't even get dressed, deciding to take a shower, put on sweats, pull my bangs in a ponytail (WTF?) and have a working breakfast at Panera (yum) before heading to the gym. So I had to pack up my clothes, make up, and flat iron, also my work bag and my gym bag, and then I had a temper tantrum about how unfair it is that I have to carry so much stuff, and Ben (who is only working a half day today eve though he has way more than a half day's work to do because I have a meeting that falls outside our normal childcare hours) just stood there gaping at me, with his mouth open and green stuff coming out of his nose while I whined about HOW HARD IT IS TO BE ME.

That man. He is very patient. I love him a lot.

Another thing I love? This Spiderman costume.

Also family game night Friday (to which Jack is not invited because he can't play games) is pretty lovable. Here we are playing Elefun. And it is. Ella Fun.

Seriously, I look like a beauty queen in this terrible picture compared to what I look like today. Which is ridiculous. I just got up to refill my coffee and noticed that one leg of my fleece pants is tucked into my boot. And I left it that way. Also Harry looks a little pensive for Friday Family Fun Night.

How cute is this angle? He looks like a BABY. Sigh. He was such a sweet little baby.


Okay. Want to hear my plan? 1. Inbox (it's a mess) 2. Conference submissions. 3. Book chapter I am co-authoring. And that's just my breakfast plan!

Update your blogs, everyone. I have a lot of internet time today.


  1. Looks like a great family game night 9ppor Jack though not being able to participate!).

    I am so glad I get to work from home now - I don't think I could handle that stress!

  2. Why does that elephant make me think "Baby's first beer bong." Maybe it's just the way Ben was holding it.

    I am a hot mess in the morning. It's a disaster. If Ryan even thinks about leaving without strapping just one kid into the car for me he can forget about sex for the rest of the month. Oh who am I kidding, that never happens anyway.

  3. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I like Under Pressure, mostly for the Ice Ice Baby intro. It's on my workout Ipod!
    It will get better

  4. I really need to see a picture of this "bang ponytail".

    And I totally agree w/ Becca about the baby beer bong...