Monday, July 28, 2008


We took a road trip this weekend to visit the great grandparents and the S relatives in West Des Moines, and I have more pictures than you could believe.

But first, SSU,who writes about her adorable little AJU5, tagged me for a meme. So, I gotta tell you about 6 of my unspectacular quirks, and then I am supposed to tag 6 others.

First, I tag Stephanie, Jamie, Sarah, Lea, Leena and Heidi.

Okay-- 6 unspectacular quirks (and I am a Wisconsin mom-- not a lot of spectacular going on here)

1. I prefer to eat cake in a bowl with milk.
2. I only like to use diapers that have stretchy tabs.
3. I enjoy Jack's 4 am feeding because I can catch up on old episodes of Roseanne.
4. I might have a small crush on Caillou's dad.
5. I like the way I look in the Bjorn because it covers up my back fat.
6. Deep down, I don't like cats or dogs.

See you soon with a weekend wrap up-- In the car, I emailed myself a list of stuff to do this week, and it totally freaked me out. So stuff now, blog later.


  1. I'm going to have to try that cake thing! I like cake in almost any form. Now I have to go make a cake. Ditto on the stretchy diapers. I might have woken up Ryan's parents one bleary eyed night at 3 am when I ripped the not-stretchy tab off the second diaper trying to get it around Charlie's (then) chubby waist and yelled the S word without thinking.

    Good luck with all the catching up.

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for the tag. I just posted about it on my blog!