Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To Borrow Hank Hill's Favorite Sentence Starter,

I tell you what-- one day you're sitting in a dorm room with a friend drinking warm gin and Fresca, and the next day you're playing together at a gym with your 4 kids under 4. Jamie, from i love my life, and I took Ben, Hunter, Harry, and Jack on an extreme playdate last Friday, complete with cupcakes (see Harry's face in the picture below)

Clearly, Ben and Hunter had fun.

So did I-- so much fun, in fact, that I barely took any pictures. All the kids were so red and sweaty at the end of 2 hours of screaming, tumbling fun, and I loved spending the afternoon with an old friend. But seriously, weren't we just kids ourselves, making bad decisions (like Gordon's brand gin-- although if we were in the dorm, we weren't 21, so I guess we had to rely on the kindness of strangers with bad taste in liquor) and spending all of our time and other resources on ourselves? What the heck happened to those girls??

We spent Saturday hanging with the grandparents and had a fabulous time.
Here's Harry sweaty and covered in sunscreen and chocolate chip cookie.

Here's Harry sweaty and covered in his fire fighter costume-- he screams "Rescue Harry" and "super Harry" when he wears it-- awesome.

The picture that broke our camera


  1. Aww, Rescue Harry! Aren't sweaty, red faced, sticky kids the best? The gym looks like lots of fun.

  2. Looks like Harry had a blast! And do-it-yourself jobs can be dangerous for non-tool pieces... Luckily our camera has survived so far though...

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    It looks like so much fun! Areyou and Jamie regretting your misspent youth??????

  4. Nope. LOL. My youth was glorious, and parenting is just a different kind of glorious, most of the time.

    We both forgot to take pictures, but the few you took came out a lot better than the few I took!

    I had a great time! Our next play date will have to be after we get back from California... ;(