Tuesday, March 26, 2024


 For UNBLOGGABLE REASONS, we did not go on spring break after all **whomp whomp**.

But! Things are still cozy and delightful over here!

Hopefully the last spring snowman, right??

Aldi take-and-bake pizza and $7 bubbly. FANCY FRIDAY NIGHT.
I took 10 minutes (probably more like 30, but who’s counting?) and set up Minnie’s dollhouse (which was previously just a dusty hodgepodge and toy shelf, really), and she has been playing a TON. Love it!

She came home from school last week asking to make gingerbread teddy bears and have a tea party— and she did not have to ask me twice. Spring gingerbread is a fabulous idea.

Cooper has been loving his art class this quarter. There’s a pottery wheel and a kiln, and he has started bringing home his creations
Harry is ready to do all of the things he needs to do to go to college like fill out the FAFSA, pay the housing deposit and begin roommate dating, accept all of his scholarships (it would be JUST LIKE US to eff that one up), sign up for summer advising— it’s so exciting! We had the most fun looking at all of the meal plan options to see which plan to buy (we are a house divided. I say we buy the biggest one but Ben thinks the second biggest one is better, but I see all cost savings negated by Harry running out of meal swipes and us paying cash money to feed him). I joined the parent social media groups and just scroll those posts with my mouth open— good times.

We wanted to fill his room with Eau Claire stuff while he was at speech on Saturday, but the Amazon could only send stickers and a lanyard that fast. So we bought some blue and yellow streamers, candy, and balloons and got him a super cool water bottle that is also a portable charger to decorate with the stickers. MERCH DUMP TO COME, of course. I gotta get an eau claire mom shirt pronto.

As I scrolled through photos for this post, I realized that Minnie hay have displayed a clue or two on Saturday that a virus was on the way—namely, these grocery store pics **yikes face**


  1. That is one fancy water bottle!
    I'm sorry the spring break plans didn't work, but I'm glad everyone has a chance to recuperate a bit at home. We have ZERO snow, and I very much hope it stays that way. The calendar says it's spring and I WANT SPRING.
    Those gingerbread and the whole tea set up is darling <3

  2. Boo, sorry about your spring break, but it sure seems like you are making the most of the coziness. A tea party? Sign me up. Okay, so it's not even 5 in the morning yet and when I read "roommate dating" I thought "No, that's a terrible idea, you should never date your roommate." Ha! Ignore me, I'm over here guzzling coffee.

  3. Unbloggable reasons? Ha, sorry your spring break got messed up. About your last post- you just never know when you go out in public. Everyone is taking their chances, and you can't be blamed for not knowing Minnie was about to get sick! I hope everyone is feeling okay now, and I'm very excited for you and Harry. Now that the decision has been made, this is the fun part!!!

  4. Wow, Minnie asleep in the grocery cart! That would be a sign of doom in our house because it would take a tranquilizer usually to get him to fall asleep anywhere besides his bed. He fell asleep on me in a park last fall and that is when I was like - ok, something is NOT right and then he ended up having influenza A AND strep. Gah.

    So exciting for Harry! I'm intrigued by the water bottle/charger!!!

  5. WOW!! A grocery cart?? That's so cute and impressive. I hope she feels better soon!

  6. Oh nooooooo the unscheduled nap is such a harbinger of doom. So sorry to hear that spring break was cancelled. Love the way you are celebrating your college bound kiddo!

  7. Minnie is so cute in braids! I hope she's all better now?

  8. Oh no, spring break cancellation is crappy. Sorry about that. I hope the time off is relaxing and restful.

    We are big eaters here and when we visit colleges one of the first questions is What is the meal plan like? Do we pay for everything on our tray, or do we get to enter the cafeteria and eat till we bust and only pay for the swipe? The answer to this question can really sway a Shenanigan kid in one direction or another. I vote get the highest meal plan and if he finds he doesn't need it, scale back.

    You are so fun and clever to decorate his room after he made his college choice. We've never done that, and now I'm feeling like we are boring, non celebratory people. Not convinced? Ask me about how nonchalant we are about birthdays. ;)

    Oh goodness. the grocery cart nap making more sense after the fact is like a hand hitting forehead moment no one wants.

  9. I love how you celebrated Harry and his amazing accomplishments. Your family does celebrations so well. :)