Friday, March 29, 2024

5 on a Friday: Notes on break (13/52)

 Everyone should get a spring break. Also 5 weeks in the winter and the whole summer. 

1.One day this week, I got up to kind of supervise breakfast but then I just went back to bed until I read this book cover to cover and the kids just... did their own thing.
2. The weather has been largely terrible, but we did make it to our favorite park when the rain finally let up.
3. Cooper had kids over and they played kinetic sand with Minnie for longer than you might think they would. Dorothy and Harry had friends over, too, and we had 2 separate seatings for 2 different lunch menus, and still! It was the easiest day of break. Kid math is wild.
4. The coziness factor has been through the roof all week.
5. Minnie was sick with some terrible throat virus. Then she spent a day puking everywhere. And now she has a horrible horrible cough, and if she spikes another fever, I will of course go back to the doctor because that's basically what happened when she had pneumonia. SO, that's neat. But still! She's been a treat. Harry and his girlfriend even took her to the zoo and bought her a stuffed peacock (named PETER, not PETE) and her favorite Culver's kids' meal. Coop has taken her to the park in our neighborhood all by himself, and Jack has come with me on stroller walks. (Dorothy has had a Very Busy social calendar this week).
Today I gotta change basically all of the sheets (except Minnie's and Ben's because PUKE LAUNDRY (yes, I did set a sick kid up in someone else's bed because I am The Worst)), and I really should have spread sheet laundry out throughout the week, but **shrug**.

Also! I was intimidated by the thought of 5 kids home for three meals a day and bought a truly outrageous amount of groceries-- and the only thing we need at the very end of the week is cilantro for knock off Chipotle rice taco FRIDAY because I am nothing if not full of surprises LOL) because the bunch I bought went bad. WINNING.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry Minnie has been so sick - again! Argh! Well, think of the amazing immunity she's building, hopefully. Since I have no kids that age, spring break has no meaning anymore. But here - in BC - they have two weeks of spring break, and I wish they had had that in AB when my kids were in school, I would have loved that. We used to travel and I'd be so stressed to have them miss days of school
    Kid math is amazing. I remember having like eight or ten boys over at any given time, and it was just magic. I miss those times, honestly. All I had to do was make a giant recipe of waffles.

  2. Anonymous8:05 AM

    This is Lisa. I am glad you’ve had a great spring break! It’s great that the older kids have helped out so much with Minnie! That is so very sweet! But poor Minnie has been so sick. :( I hope she turns the corner soon! Paul has spring break next week but will go to Minneapolis kids since we will be working. Then we are off the following week for our Fl trip which I am really looking forward to!

  3. I am working through this Spring Break on campus and it has been so quiet. I feel like I had a vacation from work even though I was working!

  4. How is it that you had five kids home for spring break, one of them puking everywhere, and it actually sounds fun??? I hope Minnie feels better soon.

  5. 'Kid math' - well said. I agree, the more the merrier. Our house was always happiest when there were like 10 boys (only 3 of which were mine) playing flag football outside and a gaggle of girls baking in the kitchen and all the kids were so inclusive and cute with Curly. It was mayhem, but in the happiest way.

    Sorry about Minnie being so sick. What on earth? Is there any bug that this sweet thing has avoided?

    I'm in awe of you staying in bed and reading a book all day while they did their thing. My kids would've painted a room and blown something up in the yard. Hell, I was not in bed the time Lad removed a screen from a bedroom window so he could catch a bird - not from the window, but using the screen to help build a cage. I so wish I'd blogged back then, because I had so many stories.