Monday, March 11, 2024

All we do is grocery shop, apparently.

 We had a very divide and conquer kind of weekend, which, honestly, is not my favorite. 

The boys had an overnight speech tournament. Cooper had a bunch of sporty stuff. Everyone needed hair cuts. Jack had drivers ed that Ben accidentally scheduled in a suburb 25 minutes away. We had tons of stuff to do for Ben and Dorothy's bdays (I ordered 4 dozen cupcakes for Dorothy to take with the dance this weekend to pass out to some of her team TWICE-- gotta fix that hiccup this week). Just LOTS OF STUFF.

Minnie was wild about making orange juice, but we only had cuties. She squeezed MANY CUTIES, and she maintained her enthusiasm through each one.

Harry watched Minnie, and I got this adorbs picture of them heading to the park
Um. my hair is broken in the humidity.
BEST omlet. 
We had time to make cookies (THESE, double the recipe, triple the chips)

The girls and I went to the zoo while the boys were in Eau Claire, and Ben and Coop were busy with Little league baseball tryouts

And Trader Joes, where the check out man gave the girls bouquets. (And I got 3 easy easy dinners-- stuff for sheet pan sausage and root veggies, a bunch of frozen pizzas with breadsticks and bagged salad, and chicken taquitos that I plan to bake in a dish covered with cheese and enchilada sauce)
While Ben had Coop at the barber on the way to diving while Jack did his behind-the-wheel drivers ed lesson (Harry was at work), I took the girls to Ulta for trims. Ulta is actually a GREAT kiddie hair place-- $25 cuts and they're open on Sundays! (Dorothy usually goes to the same Aveda place I go to, but I forgot to book, and her ends were ROUGH-- and she has to wear braids in 3 dances this weekend, and they'd be even cuter with blunt ends). 

Minnie was excited, obvi

(When we got home, I trimmed that longest back layer, and I stand by the decision).
Prime park weather-- love it so much.
Minnie, Jack, and I walked to another little gem of a park while Ben, Coop, and Dorothy went to Coop's end-of-season hockey party and Harry golfed with a friend.

We grocery shopped in-person at TJ's AND Ben went to our local coffee and cheese place and also picked up a Target cart that was mostly household stuff but also a few food items the other grocery store was out of AND a Metro Market order-- AND WE WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO BUY MORE FOOD BEFORE THE WEEKEND. (And! We wil be OOT for Dorothy's bday over the weekend and are going out for Ben's bday eve AND STILL-- 5 kids! EAT SO MUCH FOOOOOOD).


  1. Oh lord I cannot imagine. *I* feel like I am grocery shopping all the time, and we are but a drop in your bucket. It sounds like such a busy weekend!

  2. So much juggling! And while you don't make it seem easy, I love the way you manage it all with plenty of joy along the way. The TJ bouquets are so sweet--I remember being the recipient of one (more than a decade ago) when I looked a bit teary in the store after there had been a bad medical prognosis in the family.

  3. Whew! What a busy weekend! Love that you had all those blue sky days for some outdoor time though. I am very intrigued by your chicken taquito enchiladas idea! Sounds amazing!

  4. Wow. This is one packed weekend. Love that you squeezed in a trip to the zoo and big bro taking baby sis to the park is so very sweet. I drew a line in the sand last summer - one trip to the grocery a week and if we ran out of something, we would survive. That system has gone out the window, but maybe this summer I'll bring it back. I'm often like "We need bread, AGAIN?"

  5. I may need to make those cookies, I've kinda been craving them. Do you use sea salt? Or just table salt?

    I've never had my hair done at Ulta, but do you remember this viral story about the stylist who had the woman with severe depression come in, and then disappear for awhile? ALL THE FEELS.,the%20back%20of%20her%20head.%E2%80%9D

  6. Oh yes- I can't even imagine how much food you have to buy. When my son is home, our food bill doubles (at least) and he's just one! Boys eat soooo much, and your kids are so athletic- they're probably eating triple the amount of a normal teenage boy.
    Sounds like a fun packed weekend! I love the cookies, and the bouquets from TJs : )

  7. Anonymous7:19 PM

    This is Lisa. I also can’t fathom how much food you buy each week, especially with teen boys! And I am impressed you trimmed Minnie’s hair! I am terrified of cutting hair. I had a scarring experience when I tried to cut Paul’s hair during the pandemic. It’s white blond so shows every snip! It was baaaaad.

  8. I feel like I am buying so much food for ONE DANG PERSON so I don't even want to think about your grocery bill. GODSPEED, friend.

    Those cookies look amazingggg.

  9. What Stephany said. I thought of you this morning, when I had my 3 little half-full reusable bags, and spent probably 1/10 of what you spend in a week. Yet, you're so... positive through all of this! I would be a major stressball, and you're making OJ with your preschooler (or, um, mini-J?) and cookies. What is your secret?? :)