Monday, July 31, 2023

Third birthday party-- can you even BELIEVE she's almost 3?!

 Harry's 3rd birthday party

Jack's 3rd birthday party

Cooper's 3rd birthday party

Dorothy's 3rd birthday party

Bless your heart if you clicked on those links to read about previous bday parties and also? I made Cooper's name in sugar cookie for every guest? Good lord.

Ben's parents and his sister and her family came to celebrate Minnie on Sunday, and it was lovely. Minnie decided she waned a dinosaur party, and she very seriously picked out her balloons and Party City and carried them deflated around the store in her sweaty little hands while we picked out other decorations. She very solemnly handed them to the lady behind the counter to be filled and told her she "NEED THEM BACK AT MY HOUSE FOR MY DINE-SORE PARTY"

I was going to bake t-rex cookies, but it was over 90–-degrees most days last week, and I didn't want to heat up the house, so I ordered them-- and a cake-- from a bakery I have never used before. You would think that I learned my lesson about making random orders and not asking for pricing from Harry's 4th bday when we got a truly ridiculous cake that cost more than our wedding cake. But, alas. The dino cake and cookies were darling, though, so I'm not sad about it.

RIP superhero cake and the bakery that created that monstrosity:

Minnie loved hanging with her grandparents on Saturday and Sunday, seeing her cousins, opening gifts one teeny scrap of paper at a time, and eating her dino desserts-- a delightful time for all :)

Bday deets:

Pre-party hangs:


CAAAAAAKE (she placed her own candles— that’s why there are 5 or 6)

She's not 3 until 8/13, and we can't wait to party all over again on a slightly smaller scale.


  1. O to the MG, that superhero cake! Lololololol am dead now. I love that she had a dinosaur party and the cake and cookies are incredible. Outsourcing that kind of thing seems like the Way To Go, methinks. Looks very fun and I also like her balloon bouquet.

    1. oh that super hero cake! it's the reflection for me.

  2. That superhero cake - too funny!!! (Though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time).

    This looks super fun and while I have never outsourced a cake yet (not really a lot of options where we live?), but I would LOVE to do this! Thankfully, my kids have pretty low expectations in the cake department. One year, my daughter actually asked to bake her cake with her friends AT HER PARTY. This was pretty perfect. I didn't have to make a cake, and we made it into a game. Win, win. It was also the first time I bought frosting which was very convenient!

    1. A cake baking party is GENIUS!! One year, we had kids decorate cupcakes and little take out boxes, and it was an activity and a favor-- love anything that multi-tasks.

  3. Awww this is so cute! I love the cake and the cookies and the ballooons! (And the throwback to that super hero cake. I laughed out loud at the comparison photo of your husband on the mat. HA.) I wish I had known that you were having a dino party because I have SO MUCH DINO PARTY STUFF!!!! I could have sent it all your way! Oh well. Perhaps my kid will want a dino party when she is eleven or twelve.

    Also: THREE. So big!!! Happy pre-birthday, Minnie!

    1. I had big plans for the theme-- 3 Rex, etc. At one point, she wanted a TEA Rex party, and I was going to bust out all the tea stuff from Dorothy's first bday. But in the end we went about 50% with the theme because things have been busy. I would have LOVED more dino stuff.

  4. What a fun party! And you get to do it all over again on her birthday (well, smaller scale, but more bday vibes/fun). Dinos are a fun theme! My oldest was super into them, Taco is not. He's more into cars/trucks/construction equipment. My kids are not huge on cake - they are just starting to like it - and GF cake is NOT GREAT. So our tradition is to make a big cookie cake which I love. It's very tasty and you can still use candles/decorate it, which is trickier to do when you make cookies. But I did make cookies for a couple of Paul's bdays before I found a good recipe for a GF cookie cake.

  5. I am dead (DEAD!) at that superhero cake. HAHAHA. I'm glad this birthday celebration turned out well!

  6. I am dying at the "superhero" cake. Dying. Also? Any day with Chocolate Shoppe ice cream is A Good Day. That is all. :)