Monday, July 10, 2023

The dance dad is home thank goodness


Even though, really, Ben took maybe the most difficult one with him to Florida for GO SHOWSTOPPER dance nationals. 

(No, it’s not really in all caps. And honestly? I don’t know if the GO belongs there? Like, it’s in some of their branded content but not all of it? Also, is it really a national tourney if there are like 5 of them throughout the country (just that particular brand- there are even more OTHER BRANDS of national tourneys) and if you don’t have to qualify? WHO KNOWS.)

If you ask this one, she will tell you that YES IT IS A REAL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TROHPY SHE IS HOLDING.

Can you tell how incredibly happy she is? 

The TL; DR is that Ben and Dorothy had a great time in Orlando. 

Both of Dorothy’s dances got big trophies— 1st overall in junior production (pictured above) and 3rd overall in advanced junior large groups— below— and that trophy got to come home with her where it will live in her room forever.

She loved staying at the convention hotel with her friends and hitting the pool, one day from a swanky cabana

She loved having her dance teacher do her makeup (Ben did the hair— woot woot)

And she OF COURSE delighted in a trip to the magic Kingdom

Ben had fun too

Her whole team got to come home national champions because they were either entered in the junior production or the senior production, and both of these giant dances won their category. I think that was the studio’s plan since last summer’s try out, and it worked out so well— all the kids felt so special and proud of themselves.

Ben and Dorothy flew Spirit Airlines from Milwaukee to Orlando with no problem— they arrived 40 minutes early even. But! On the way home Friday night, their flight was cancelled, and the airline told Ben they could rebook him on Tuesday (LOL LOL LOL). A super nice ticket agent also told him that if he took the Tuesday ticket and then found something better on another airline, they’d refund him for the return flight. So he did, and they did. Phew! One extra night in an airport Hyatt and they were home just 12 hours later than planned.


And listen. If driving 5 kids to Florida for Thanksgiving didn’t make me want to fly, and staying home with 4 kids by myself for a week didn’t make me want to fly (because then I could have been the parent at the dance competition), THEN WHAT EXACTLY WILL MAKE ME WANT TO FLY?


  1. Oh wow, congrats to Dorothy and her whole team! What a triumph! She must be so proud, and I know she worked so hard too!
    I love that they also had a great time at Disney, and the pool, and it looks delightful.

  2. What an epic trip for both Ben and Dorothy!!! This all looks very fun. Also, I think it's awesome they got some father-daughter bonding time. One-on-one BIG experiences are so memorable as a kid. I bet she'll cherish this time for the rest of her life (and Ben, too!).

    Love it!

  3. Congratulations to Dorothy on those big wins and scoring a trip to Disney and undivided attention from dad! Is it time for some Minnie pictures now :)?

    (Flying is so fraught these days and so claustrophobic--friends just got stuck in RI for two days ahead of the big storm.)

    1. always time for more Minnie pics

  4. This is so cute! What a fun bonding trip for daughter and father. And congrats to Dorothy!!! What a thrilling experience!

  5. What a fun dad/daughter trip for Ben and Dorothy! I hate driving so so so so so much but fly quite often now that I am not all that turned off by it. I'm fortunate to live in a major hub city for Delta so we can fly direct to nearly any place we want to go. I'm high maintenance, though, and will only take great flight times and will pay up to avoid connections. Like when Paul and I went to Tucson to visit my sister. But that's probably the only leisure travel I'll do with a kid so I figured it was worth it to pay a bit more (which wasn't much all in all, I don't even know what taking a connection would have saved me).

    Nice work on the solo parenting of the other 4, though! I did a lot of solo parenting last weekend and I was worn out by the end of the weekend!!

    1. I always pick direct flights, even if it means a drive to MKE or ORD

  6. What an awesome trip!!!!! I am curious about the flying, you will have to elaborate in a future post. (We fly a lot, I know not ideal carbon footprint wise but otherwise I'm very glad we get to travel both with and without kids - and most flights thankfully have been pretty easy since G turned 4 or so!)

    1. I am so claustrophobic! It started when I was pregnant with Harry and was just terrified flying to Boston. Before that-- no problems and flew on the regular.

  7. I'm sorry that flying is so fraught for you! I much prefer it to driving, but I can understand how terrifying it can be. (You would have HATED the plane I took the Charleston - only 12 rows with 4 seats per row!)

    I love that Dorothy got to have this one-on-one experience with her dad! How sweet is that?! And congrats to her for that BIG trophy!

  8. I just have to say that Ben and Dorothy are 2 peas in a pod. Those pictures from Disneyworld are wonderful! (I swear they have the same expression on their faces in nearly all of them!)