Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack: The Party

We had a birthday lunch where Jack tore through gifts from his aunt and uncle and grandparents

Baby Jacob will stop whatever he is doing to pose for pictures-- how cute is that?

Harry got a couple of things, too

After lunch, we adjourned to Pump It Up for some serious bounce house action-- it was way fun. The grownups bounced and slid down the huge slides, too. I didn't get any good pictures of Harry because he was never holding still, and his cheeks were so red they were almost magenta. The birthday boy was hesitant at first and only wanted to ride in cars, but he perked up.

He loved sitting on the blow-up throne

So did Harry

Flashing the double thumbs-up after he blew out his candle


Harry started to lose his mind from all the jumping and the sugar. He looks reasonably okay in this picture,

But here you can see I have to hold him on the freaking bench because he was starting to tweak

After all the little guests and our kids selected balloons from the bunches in the party room, Ben opted not to wrestle the rest into the car, and we left them at Pump It Up. Then, loading Harry and Jack into the car, I accidentally let Harry's balloon escape. Instant hysterical tears. Ben was a total dick to me about it, but he went back in and grabbed another balloon and POPPED IT when he shut the trunk-- ha! Balloon number 3 made it home safe and sound, but Harry was traumatized anyway.

Jack maintained his good spirits until bed time. When Ben read him his stories tonight, Jack said, "Dada, me a big boy now. Me three."


  1. Haha, balloon drama. Looks like a great time and you look adorable!

  2. I hate balloons for exactly that reason! Or we get them home, and there's a meltdown the next morning because "It's broooooken!"

  3. it's the worst when only one kid's pops, there are so many angsty yearning glances at the other kids' remaining balloons.

    one year Brett went to get balloons and stupidly left the windows open, so half of them got sucked out of the car on the drive home.

    Glad your big boy had a good birthday!

  4. For a minute I read that as "Ben maintained his good spirits until bedtime" and I thought you were referring sarcastically to the balloon fiasco. But then I realized my mistake.

  5. I love the double thumbs up -- too cute! Happy Birthday to Jack!

  6. Sarah! The picture of you restraining Harry with a smile on your face had me busting up! It looks like it was a perfect day!