Monday, January 02, 2023

23 for 2023

My word this year is deliberate.I want to think carefully about the choices I make and the way I spend my time, and I hope the 23 (!) goals below further that larger theme. I also like that this word is an adjective and a verb. Why argue when you can deliberate, you know?

 Most of these goals are frivolous; some are things I would do anyway. All of them will enhance my overall quality of life, I think:

23 for 2023

1. Monthly pedicures-- maaaaaybe every six weeks when it's not sandal season, but that's it. I am an old lady, and someone else needs to take care of my feet on the regular. I was pretty good about this from March- September, but then I let things slide and did them myself, and my nail tech  was horrified last week. So. Back on the horse.

2. Professional manicures every other time I do a pedicure and DIYs in between. More frequently if I like it. I really want to try gel, but what if I hate it? Also, I would like all the time back that I have spent writing and thinking about my nails recently. Gah.

I thought I would start the New Year with these nails

But Dorothy ALSO is making a nail-based resolution, and she ran into some trouble, so I am now sporting a totally different color because there was a nail polish remover situation.  Cooper to the rescue!

3. Always floss twice a day. Sometimes I get tired or busy and skip it, but I brush my teeth at least 4 times a day, so I could floss any two times-- it doesn't have to be morning and night.

4. Walk outside for 23 minutes (at least) a day every day no matter what the weather is like. Note, this is just a walk to meet the Happier podcast yearly challenge of getting outside, and to buoy my workout with extra steps. It is not working out.

5.  Get an e-reader and give that a whirl.Welcome myself to the new millennium finally.

6. See my college girlfriends and my high school girlfriends

7. Potty train Minnie and wean Minnie. Help Minnie stop waking up at night. Domesticate a bear to replace her as my baby lovey.

8. Take the kids to the Dells because there’s one water park we’ve never been to! (We could get COVID and diarrhea! At the same time!)

9. Botox. Is it time? I think it might be.

10. 2-3 minute dance parties (with kids, obvs) 5 days a week

11. Lift light weights 5 days a week

12. Exercise 6 days a week (the walk does not count toward this goal)

13. No coffee out unless it’s a special occasion (PSL day! A coffee date with a friend! A road trip! Little Gym Wednesdays)

14. 20 minutes of yoga 3 days/week

15. Make excellent from-scratch brownies. I do not have a go-to recipe for this and default to box brownies with excellent frosting instead.

16. CARPET. GET NEW CARPET. Like for realz this time.

17. Fly somewhere.

18. Update the bedrooms

19. Get Minnie a swing set.

20. Q1 goal

21. Q2 goal

22. Q3 goal

23. Q4 goal

I stole the idea of the separate quarterly goals from Elisabeth, and I love the idea of making a new goal every quarter when I have assessed my current status, etc. I think my Q1 goal is to track my spending— something I hate doing.

Cheers to a new year!!


  1. Happy New Year and all the best with your 23 for 23, Sarah! Love that so many of these goals are fun, physical things. Have you tried or thought about trying hypnosis therapy for #17? (I've had some luck with it for an ED.)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad a few bloggers are joining me in the "let's set a few goals later in the year." I'm really excited about that aspect of my 23 for 23.

    Your nails look amazing. I had my first pedicure EVER last year (gifted to me) and it's on my goals list for 2023 to get at least one more pedicure. I almost never paint my fingernails, but also love that too. Maybe I'll do both at the same time before my husband and I do our solo trip in February?!

    Love these goals. I'm just finishing a daily "outside goal" and am SO glad to be done, but feel a bit bummed I hadn't wait until this year to do with all the folks joining Gretchen and Elizabeth...

    Can't wait to follow along with your goals!!!

    1. Yes a mani/pedi to kick of an adult vacay sounds perfect!

  3. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I love gel (it lasts me 2.5-3 weeks) and also just started doing a little Botox and love that too!

    1. Ooooh-- any botox tips/things to avoid?

    2. Anonymous2:27 PM

      (This is Michelle Hill, if keeps logging me in and posting as Anonymous). I think my best advice is to find a good place (honestly I found mine via Yelp) and ask what they recommend and tell them you want to start very light! And then don’t really judge how it looks until 3-5 days from when you do it.

  4. I am very impressed by your working out 6 times/week goal! I am struggling to hit 3 workouts/week!

    I'm trying the 23 minutes outside in '23 goal, too. I think it is going to be HARD for me when I am in the office since I'm gone from like 6:45-5. But some days i will try to go for a walk downtown mid-day if my schedule allows.

    1. Can you take 3 mini-walks? Or block off 23 minutes before/after lunch?

  5. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I’m a huge baker and think everything is better from scratch - EXCEPT brownies!! Ghirardelli brownies are superior to any other brownie mix!!

  6. What a great list of goals. I think I should take a page out of your book, because brushing your teeth 4x?? Wow. Your dentist must be very happy.

    I love Elisabeth's idea of making quarterly goals. You never know what might come up throughout the year. I can recommend YNAB for budgeting... I've been using it for years, or are you just trying track?

  7. Wait, we're supposed to be flossing twice a day? No one has ever told me that - not even my dentist! I've been pretty proud of myself for flossing once a day most days the past few years!