Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Eve of the Eve

 We told the big kids to cancel their plans, and we spent the penultimate day of the year crossing an item off our winter bucket list, and then Ben and I went out for a late (for us!) dinner since we planned a family date for actual NYE. It just hit me that Harry is MOVING AWAY after NEXT YEAR, so I need to do ALL OF THE FAMILY THINGS right now. And I know he will be home for break, but it’s just not the same.

Enter ICE SKATING— the perfect way to kill a warmish winter afternoon. Unless you are Minnie, who pretty much hated it but could not drag the rest of us down with her— literally or figuratively.

She was really excited about the outing in theory, but in practice, she did not like falling down, would not march on the ice like she really should if she doesn’t want to fall down, and called the skate aid TOO HEAVY. I am just going to post a million photos probably out of order, but HER FACE YOU GUYS. HER FACE.

Since we were going out for grown up food later, we tried valiantly to feed the kids grilled cheese and soup in the little skate rental restaurant, but Minnie said it was TOO YUCK, and everyone else seemed to agree. I fed her when we got home, but I don’t really know/ care what the others ate, especially since it was relatively clean when we got back ** shrug**

Ben and I got cleaned up (but still smelled like fire from all the open fires at this rink— so fun to navigate with a flappy, angry 2-year-old wearing knife shoes) and went to a new restaurant that everyone raves about but that we only sort of liked. Excellent excellent drinks, though.

Forgot his glasses

Smugly brought my glasses (and offered to share them!) and then LOST THEM between the restaurant, Target (we know how to do date night right) and home. Boo-hiss.
And then Ben made this Reel of me trying to put my leftover spicy feta cheese eggplant pasta in the box, the big jerk.

Happy New Year— I hope you have lots of cozy fun this year.


  1. As always, I'm in stitches over here while reading your post.
    "so fun to navigate with a flappy, angry 2-year-old wearing knife shoes" - haha. Knife shoes!!! That's a catchy name for skates if I ever heard one.
    And you being smug about the glasses and then losing them. 100% relatable and hilarious <3

    1. I really loved those glasses, but now that I am tracking my spending, I don't want to buy new ones LOL

  2. Oh man, a flappy, angry 2-year-old wearing knife shoes! I died. But what a fun family outing for all of you except Minnie! And yay for a date night! It is nice to have some built-in babysitters since you have older kids!!

    1. Yes older kids are SO HANDY!!

  3. Oh, I love ice-skating and used to all the time when I was a teenager. Haven't been in forever. Minnie will probably love it when she's older ;)