Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Minnie videos, mostly.

After her (40-minute, FML) nap today, Minnie INSISTED that she wanted to play hopscotch (thanks, Pinkalicious). And, I mean, I guess she really did. Also, my hopscotch skills have suffered in the interlude between Dorothy and Minnie because that 6 is too small for actual feet.

Dorothy was happy to play when she got home

And then she and Cooper grabbed a bunch of the cookies of the day and went to school to play soccer with their friends which just screams IDYLLIC CHILDHOOD to me

SPEAKING OF MINNIE (which I wasn’t, but whatevs). She has been CRUSHING IT in the hilarious toddler department. Behold:


And! She says the alphabet in a cute little toddler way

Ugh, toddlers. I love them so much.



  1. I love how she just ignores your question about what she wants to DO when you go to the kitchen like a good obedient Mommy. LOL. And her little scrunch faced "Nothing!" kills me. Sometimes I really, really miss Toddler Carla. Toddlers can be such a delight.

  2. I am here for the toddler content! Minnie and Will would have a blast together and get into all sorts of trouble. She is much sweeter with her requests. Will just says "go away" like he's an angry senior citizen. Seriously that is one of his favorite phrases and I think it was his first 2-word sentence. Gosh she is cute, though!

    But my jaw is dropping at the lack of snow!! You can see grass!!! I don't think we will see grass until March - maybe April. The temps are pretty nice here but there is just SO MUCH SNOW and then we got freezing rain today. So fun.

    1. Oh my gosh— the two of them together would be cuteness overload