Wednesday, January 04, 2023

New Year’s Eve

 In retrospect, we shouldn’t have pinned our plans on a supper club that wasn’t taking reservations.

 It opened at 3:30 and started serving dinner at 5, and we thought we’d get there early, have a drink, and score a table. But there were delays leaving the house, and by the time we were en route, we had a 2-hour wait for dinner which is not really Minnie’s thing.

No matter how early it is on NYE, it is really hard to find a table for 7 with no reservation.

Which is how we ended up at a mall chain restaurant.

It’s an upscale mall. And a local chain.BUT STILL.

Dinner was meh. Minnie loved the grilled cheese, and both she and Dorothy appreciated the bento box kiddie meal. The kids all liked frites, and Jack was happy to see lobster mac and cheese on the menu. Harry ordered his burger by asking for “that one with the cheese curds on top like that guy has,” and I didn’t realize how strong my old fashioned was until I ordered a second one.

We came home to put Minnie to bed and solve a murder mystery in a box while eating caramel lava cakes that I cooked a smidge too long.

Cooper LOVED solving the mystery. Had we known just how immersive it was, I think we would have displayed all the evidence on a wall somewhere and let people take notes, etc all week so we could just kind of conference about it on the night we decided to solve the case. 

Buuuut, the picture of the dead guy freaked Dorothy out so much she literally did not sleep ALL NIGHT LONG.

I, however, was snoring on the couch by 10 and missed the NY toast

Between Dorothy not sleeping and Minnie sleeping terribly like usual, Ben and I were just wrecked on January 1 … and Ben had a freaking FEVER. But! We had a fun day ANYWAY, DAMNIT.

Dorothy and I were doing YouTube yoga on January 2, and the teacher told us to set a one-word intention for our day. After we were done, Dorothy turned to me asked what my word was. “Productive,” I told her. 

She looked at me kind of pityingly. 

“What was yours?” I asked.

“Awesome,” She said with a very duh tone. Like OF COURSE anyone who is not a total sad sack would intend to have an awesome day. Seriously, though, that word didn’t even cross my mind **whomp whomp**

Speaking of awesome— this is my 2023 planner, and I love it so much!



  1. Best. Planner. Ever.

    Also: productive vs. awesome cracked me up. I'd argue that as an adult, a productive day can/does feel AWESOME!

    1. I agree! But what a contrast!

  2. The whole supper club, cheese curd, Old Fashioned was just so Wisconsin. I had never heard of any of those three things until we moved to WI and then I heard about them within days. Way to represent.

    1. I am HERE for supper club culture

  3. I love your new planner! I am very excited for the new year. I love fresh starts.

    I have to comment again on the fact that you could see grass on Jan 1. I mean, it appears you have no snow? Just wait until my post tomorrow. I think we have gotten about 13" of snow in the last 2 days and we already had a lot on the ground. I can't imagine seeing grass until like April!! Sob.

    Sounds like a fun NYE, though, aside from the scarring dead person photo for poor Dorothy - and Minnie not sleeping great. Our NYE was like any other day of the year. I was in bed at 9:30. We celebrated Christmas with my MIL that night so it was a festive day, but not much can keep me up past my bedtime these days. Can you tell how fun I am? But since I can't control my wake time, I control my bedtime, and I do not have big kids. So I only probably disappoint my husband by going to bed early!

    1. It is ALL GONE, even in our super shady back yard— so weird, and I hope we get more soon. We have skipped the cold and pretty part and gone straight to the muddy slushy yucky part.

  4. Oh man, I can only imagine how hard it is to get a table with 7 people... I was traveling with my family last summer and we were a group of 8 and it was always hard to find seating. I am glad you still had a fun evening :)