Thursday, January 19, 2023

Work today!!

 I am GOING TO CAMPUS TODAAAAAAAAY **cue the angel choir**

Even though I have a doctor appointment on my way and even though it SNOWED A LOT last night, I am really excited to get back to my sweet little office with its pretty windows and UTTER SILENCE. And! I have sworn off coffee shop coffee this year, but I AM going to take a walk downtown and enjoy the fresh winter landscape.

Usually? I am much better at crossing all my t’s, etc, before the start of a new term, but I actually have quite a few loose ends right now (**yikes face, for sure**), and needing to tie them up always feels chaotic to me, no matter how much of my other ish is ready to go. So many to-do lists; so few ta-da lists; all the mixed metaphors … you get it.

I have been doing a wild new thing during Minnie’s naps, you guys. I HAVE BEEN TAKING AT LEAST 20 MINUTES TO RELAX. It’s been a delight. Laundry? I can fold that when kids are around. Dishes? I can put them away with an audience. But sitting still and reading a book? Otherwise impossible. To make this break happen, I have been making more of an effort to do work work with Minnie in the early-ish morning. That’s when she’s in her best mood and is most likely to play by herself for a pretty long stretch of time (with me sitting in the same room, obvs). I can check many boxes during this time, so I feel less desperate about working through nap— although I do save tasks that need my undivided attention. In the past, I have made the mistake of doing housework in this window and saving work work for nap. But then more housework pops up, and I feel like I am getting much more focused work time this way. Yay!


SUCH a good big brother

Oh, just crashing around the library.


  1. I rarely do any "work" during Will's nap but I'm only with him during weekend naptimes. I think I did productive stuff when our oldest napped, but I feel so much more tired and in need of a break now that we have 2 kids (which is nothing compared to 5!!). It is so wonderful to have the time to ourselves to do with it what we want!

    Enjoy your time back on campus!

    1. I feel the end of nap time approaching, and it's SO SAD.

  2. I hope you have a great day.
    I struggle with the whole "I see a task when I'm home, I should do it immediately." I really have to think (and go against my personality) to leave the little stack of dishes beside the sink until the end of the day when I can wash everything at once when the kids are home.
    When kids are in school, I need to prioritize all the work and home management things that are so much easier to do solo. But now that I exclusively WFH, it's tough to carve out the time to do deep work on projects since I keep remembering the pile of laundry that needs washing...

    So GOOD JOB for taking time to recharge.

    1. I am the same about wanting to rest only after all the house work is done, but it is NEVER EVER EVER done. Gah.

  3. Hope your walk around down town was enjoyable. And good of you using the nap time window for some time for yourself.

  4. I think it's very smart how you're arranging work/household/rest around Minnie's nap time! Thumbs up!