Tuesday, January 24, 2023

2023 Check in #1, a random hockey update, Minnie's twin

 Things I have not done:

Mani/pedi: I just now this minute started to actually NEED to get my nails done, and I think we are going to a water park this weekend, do I will touch up at home and get one after that because why get my nails done right before I surely chip the heck out of them??

No e-reader yet. Ben and I decided to spend our Christmas money from our parents renewing Ben's Elks Club membership and paying a fee for letting it lapse and will use the rest of the cash on pull tabs and super strong old fashioneds AT the Elks Club, so my planned gift to myself has not happened yet. Maybe I'll get lucky on the pull tabs.

Potty training and weaning: She's not ready yet. Or I'm not ready yet. EITHER WAY.

Botox: Do I really want this though?

I have made GOOD brownies from scratch (3 different recipes) but none have been EXCELLENT, and that was the goal.

Carpet, update bedrooms, get on a plane, buy a swing set-- NOPE x 4

Things I am actively doing:

All of the exercise goals-- they are all a delight so far

Making plans to meet my girlfriends which will hopefully also check off the fly on a plane box

Not dinking coffee out

Flossing the heck out of my teeth

Tracking my spending

Planning a Dells visit

SO FAR SO GOOD, I'd say. It really helps that so many of these goals are either connected to each other OR something I want to build into my daily/weekly habits. How are your 2023 goals coming along?

Random hockey update no one asked for:

I mentioned the terrible officiating at Coop's hockey tournament, right? WELL. It was not just the penalty shot in overtime. It was also an entire GOAL that our team scored in the second period that the refs did not see and did not count. So, like, there shouldn't have even been an overtime in the first place because the score should have been 3-2 at the end of the game. One of the coaches sent a video of our goal to the tournament director, and he is mailing all of the kids first place trophies because he said the goal was clearly a goal that should have counted toward the score. I kind of love this outcome because Cooper's team will be so excited and they were already excited to get second place, and the other team was from MN, and they got to drive home happy with their trophies, too. EVERY SNOWFLAKE WINS.

Minnie has a TWIN

... and it's her dad. Just when I thought maybe one of the kids looked like me


  1. That flashback to Ben is too much cuteness!!!

    1. So cute! But really, I thought she looked like me LOL

  2. Will's teachers at school said they wanted to start working on potty training. We were like, 'sure, good luck.' Meanwhile, we are NOT working on it at home. I know he is not ready. We tried to train Paul at 2 at the start of the pandemic when we weren't going anywhere and it was a DISASTER. The teachers in the room the kids move to at 2.5 are amazing at potty training so we'll let them take the lead with Will, too. My running partner/good friend is a pediatric urologist. When I told her they were going to start working on training Will she was like WHY!!! She said she sees parents trying to push it too early and it can backfire. I say this to release you from any pressure you feel about needing to train Minnie now. I read the "Oh Crap" book before we tried to train Paul and I wish I had never bought/read it. I told her some of the advice from the book and she said she totally disagreed with it... So we are being way more lax this time around and will work on it when Will seems more ready.

    Yay for a trip with girlfriends in 2023!!! I'm doing my first girls trip since having kids and I'm so excited!

    And wow, Minnie does look like Ben! Neither of my kids look like me. Will sort of resembles my side of the family, but he doesn't really look like me. People say that Paul looks like his dad but I don't see it... maybe I'm too close to them to see it? And didn't know Phil as a child so can't see the resemblance like his family can.

    1. We always took a late approach to potty training and let the kids lead the pack, too, so thank you for the validation :)

  3. OMG Twins INDEED!

    Love that hockey outcome. What a great solution for all involved. I mean, would have been better had the refs seen the goal in the first place, but this is a great option since that didn't happen.

    Love your update on your goals. I don't know if you want Botox, but I am eager to read anything you post about it (I am scared of doing it myself, but my forehead is growing increasingly wrinkly). And I am eagerly awaiting your brownie finds.

    My goals are... not going great. Some of them, I am doing near-daily, which is good. Some of them I am doing WAY LESS than I should. Sigh. I am just not a consistent person and need to figure out a way to force myself into being a more consistent person.

    1. I think I want Botox, but then what if my neck looks WORSE because the rest of me looks better? And I have had some friends get weird dome foreheads from it. Gah. I’ll keep you posted. Are you a Gretchen Rubin fan? She has some awesome habit strategies that change depending on your motivation style, and I sort of love her.

  4. I love your goals. It's good to keep things manageable or interconnected.... when goal feeds off another.

    Tell me more, when or if you get Botox LOL

    And yup, sorry, Minnie looks like her dad.