Monday, January 30, 2023


It is not possible, in my experience, to explain to a 2 year-old that the fresh new snow is not actually snowman snow. I heard my neighbor tell her kindergartener a couple weeks ago that the snow was not sledding sow, but that’s crap. Any snow is sledding snow, but sometimes parents don’t want to go sledding. Only wet snow can make a real snowman, though. But powder? Makes a pretty good snow blob. Also, we have gotten OVER A FOOT of snow since that picture. GAH.

Other things we have: A SICK KID. It’s Dorothy, who spiked a 101-degree fever on Saturday afternoon but was feeling fine when I snapped this pic of 2 sisters choosing earrings (it was pajama day at school, hence Dorothy’s pajama pants. Minnie goes absolutely nowhere on Fridays, so she wears he princess nighties as long as she wants to).

Dorothy and Cooper have not had COVID yet, so every time one of them gets sick, I am really worried. So far, D is negative on home tests, but I might take her for a strep test just to make sure it’s not that. She just had flu-A, but maybe she got lucky and now has B?

She had dance, swim, and cheerleading on Sunday, so her illness simplified a busy day #silverlining

On Friday night, we got to watch Jack dive at a home meet, and he made the final round! It was so fun to watch him excel at something he loves. I can’t believe he’s a high school athlete already. HE WAS JUST A BEBE.

So, Minnie adores this library dollhouse so much, I kind of want to buy one for the basement. But will she love it as much if she can play with it every day?
Minnie kept stage whispering I BE SO KIET (quiet) and I WEALLY KIET at the dive meet, so she and I watched the majority of the action from the lobby instead of the bleachers. Coop has a dive meet in Chicago in a couple weeks, and I think one of us is going to have to stay home with Min because despite her declarations, she is not actually so quiet, really quiet, or even KIND OF quiet.
She has had basically no practice at eating out, but we are sloooowly working on that, one plate of pancakes at a time.
Pro-tip: If you ever need your toddler to sit still for a few minutes, give them a mani pedi they really like and tell them to be super careful while it dries.
4th place in oratory!
Someday I will love telling Minnie that she liked to play in her teen brothers’ dirty sheets while I changed their beds.
Strings concert (that we got to watch on YouTube- thanks for real, COVID) on pajama day—ha!
We definitely ordered a sugar cookie appetizer.
Another thing I got recently? A really unfortunate dye job. I was just supposed to get my existing gray-covering high and lowlights retouched, but I ended up… a brassy blond. Probably I should have called the salon back the next day and asked for a fix, but is there one? And won;t that make everything awkward?

After I dropped Dorothy off at dance last week, Minnie and I went to Ulta in search of purple shampoo and conditioner to tone it a little, so it’s not brassy anymore. But still very blond.

Minnie LOVES Ulta, BTW. I think it’s because the merch goes all the way down to the ground, and all of the makeup is open on display. Minnie licked 2 blushers and a powder compact before I could stop her. And she found her hold-still nail color



  1. Minnie is the star of this post... I BE SO KIET and I WEALLY KIET nearly killed me with cuteness!

    Also: Looking forward to your January reading list recs.

    1. OMG it killed me too-- she's so funny

  2. All snow is snowperson snow if you try hard enough!

    Look, every lady likes Ulta. Who can possibly blame her?

  3. I gasped with laughter at Minnie licking makeup in Ulta. Kids are just a delight. So sorry Dorothy is sick! I hope it's something that clears up quickly. (I wanted to say "I hope it's strep" SIMPLY because strep means antibiotics and antibiotics means that it will clear up quickly, but it seems awful to wish strep on anyone, especially a child I do not know.)

    1. It IS strep, and I am SO HAPPY the can take antibiotics and feel better-- I know just what you mean

    2. She not the LOL

  4. Licking makeup! Haha! My kids used to LOVE getting swipes of lipstick samples on their hands as kids; I try not to think of all the germs that we spread in those years.
    Ugh. I'm so sorry Dorothy has strep, but hope she is on the mend!!). Neither of my kids - or myself - have EVER had strep. We've had lots of other stuff, but never strep which seems crazy?!

  5. Toddler pronunciations are so very adorable! Kiet! Too cute!

    On the snowman talk, I can't seem to convince Will that I can not fix the snowman that fell down when it's subzero outside. We made a snowman when we got a ton of snow in early January and it has collapsed and he is very sad because he's obsessed with snowmen!

  6. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Ugh, so sorry you have a sick kiddo! You must be on constant high alert.

    Minnie's dress is so adorable. Look at her picking out makeup in it.... you're going to have another full blown teen on your hand very soon ;)

  7. That last comment was from me LOL

  8. I think your blonder hair is cute in the pic you posted! But if it's not the look you were going for that's a bummer. I probably wouldn't go back to the salon to make them fix it cause I'm conflict avoidant, but I might look for a new stylist for next time. Re: the dollhouse I say go for it. I bet she will enjoy it for years to come! Hope Dorothy is feeling better and no one else gets it!