Monday, September 19, 2022

Sick Minnie

 Minnie got siiiiiick this weekend. I *think* it was Justavirus, something we have not experienced since pre-panny. She had a fever on Saturday and a disgusting runny nose that she has no ability to blow. She’s COVID negative on 2 different brands of tests, and both Ben and I felt crappy earlier in the week— so we might have given it to her? And I probably got it from my students. And she felt worse than we did because SHE HAS ONLY BEEN SICK ONCE IN HER WHOLE LIFE. Well, twice now.

Anyway, she is sleeping WORSE THAN USUAL and usual was preeeetty bad. At 4 am, I told Ben, “I just don’t think I can be happy if I can’t sleep,” which has to be the biggest DUH statement EVAR. Then I realized that getting up with a 5:30 alarm was dumb and slept until almost 7, as did Ben (on Minnie’s floor) and Minnie slept in her crib until 7:30 after fitfully sleeping with me from 2-4:45. I have felt more refreshed, is what I am saying.

She has barely eaten for the last few days, and I am going to be so sad if this cold has robbed us of thick Minnie.

Ben stayed home with the sickie on Saturday morning, and Dorothy and I took Coop to swim and got coffee— she’s a fun date these days.
Cheers to a Saturday night at home:

I got my hair done on Tuesday last week and did not wash it until SUNDAY NIGHT which was kind of gross but also really addicting. HOW LONG CAN I GO?? Stay tuned. Here’s the progression:






The boys had a Bears/Packers watch party in our front yard last night, which I am sure the neighbors loved.

We are just over here girding our loins for an even busier week this week than last, since Dorothy started dance, and Jack has started fall play rehearsals. WISH US LUCK. (And I hope you all have fun despite the September rush as well).

What can I say? He’s a helper.


  1. Oooh your hair looks fabulous! I always go as long as possible after I get my hair done to wash it. I think the last time I went from Thursday to Tuesday -- maybe Wednesday.

    These "regular" illnesses are so rough. Hopefully some good sleep for all is coming soon.

  2. I have to know, was it worth it to go that long between washes?