Saturday, September 10, 2022

Vacay Beach Pics: The Pro Version

 Can I just say we had the BEST TIME on vacation? It was relaxing and fun and just overwhelmingly delightful.

There’s an attitude that I detest that says basically you can’t go on vacation with your kids— when kids are involved, it’s just a trip. I think this is NOT TRUE at all. We love vacays with kids, and, even with babies, vacation is simply SO MUCH FUN. It’s the same mindset, I think, that lets us work from home so agreeably with tinies underfoot. Just because a kid vacation is DIFFERENT than a grown-up one doesn’t mean it’s fundamentally NOT AS GOOD. You know?

Some of this has to do with expectation-setting. Am I going to day drink on the beach all day? Sadly, no. Can I have cocktails after buying a round of mock tails for my littlest? Yes I can, and yes I did. Ben and I had a grown-up beach restaurant date night. We filled our days with treats for all, and we knew we weren’t going to loll around doing nothin— although we took turns relaxing either on the beach or on the couch while Minnie napped. 

On this vacay, we multitasked by having our yearly pro pics taken on the beach and 10/10 would recommend. I am going to post all 53 of them here for my own selfish memory, and I will be back with candid snaps and a vacay breakdown soon. Currently, I am DROWNING in work and calendar notes. YIKES YIKES YIKES. Just know that in my head, I am HERE:

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous - every single picture! Such a beautiful setting, awesome coordinating outfits and a genuinely happy family. Love, love, love!