Wednesday, September 21, 2022

TFW you're like oh wow it's been a long week... ON WEDNESDAY

 Dorothy came home from  3 hours of dance team jazz, ballet, and musical theater to report that when she got to the studio (for the first time since auditions, after a 3+ week break), she only had one jazz shoe. This is so perfectly Dorothy that I cannot even. That girl loses EVERYTHING.

Since the shoes were BRAND NEW FOR AUDITIONS, Ben stopped by the studio on his way to get Cooper at swim team and dug through the lost and found for it. The whole thing was such an eye roll. But I did get this picture, so that's a win.

Actually, Ben was a total rockstar yesterday. He got home from work in time to take Coop to swim team practice at 6; got his COVID bivalent booster at 6:30; picked Dorothy up from dance at 7 and brought her home; went back to dance to find her shoe; and came home with Coop after 8. Tonight he gets a similar schedule minus the vaccine and hopefully minus the lost-and-found perusal but never say never, and plus one more activity for Coop. Yikes!

This morning, after neither of us slept well, I was huddled on the couch under my new Hilton Head sweatshirt blanket (LOVE IT-- everyone needs a sweatshirt blanket) with a cup of chamomile and lavender tea (warm but like drinking body wash) working. Minnie woke up right at 6 am, so Ben stumbled out of bed to go get her. He stopped in the hallway and asked me (the person literally WORKING) to get her a bottle. Then he stood there, staring into the middle distance, using both hands to reach under his t- shirt and scratch his belly. It was so hilarious I couldn't even be annoyed. I laughed the whole way to the kitchen to pour some whole milk into a bottle my toddler is way too old for. I made fun of him of course, and he couldn't even be annoyed about that because seriously, scratching his tummy like a slow-mo ape was more important than my literal WORK?

Speaking of: No matter how badly I sleep, I really just HAVE to get 90 minutes of work in before 7am if I am going to even sort of meet any goals. This is stressing me out because I know sleep is really important, and I know I am not getting enough, but I have no good solutions. I have to work. I have to hang out with my teenagers at night. I have to deal with my baby in the wee hours. ::shrug:: My days are so much smoother when I have done the most crucial things on my list, used my gratitude journal, and exercised before I have to start dealing with house and family things.

Minnie is her very crabbiest self. I think maybe her ear hurts? I asked her what was wrong and she said "My ear hurts," which seems like it might be reliable information, but she napped and slept fine yesterday (after being awake for like 35 minutes at 3 am which EFF THAT), and when I asked her which one, she kept changing her mind. So maybe they both hurt? Her appetite is coming back, which bodes very well for her adorable little legs.

I am NOT the kind of mom who buys the Peppa Pig Halloween collection on Prime Video so she can grade papers, and I don't even know why you would say that about me.


  1. Ashley G.12:18 PM

    As someone who has a Dorothy...I can empathize. At one point last fall/winter mine had lost FIVE DIFFERENT JACKETS at the same time. I would have been more annoyed but at that point I just really wanted to pop some corn and see how the whole thing played out. Sometimes amusement wins over parenting, apparently.

  2. Keeping track of kid stuff is like a full time job. And I only have TWO kids!

    Your life sounds both exhausting and wonderful. Such engaged, vibrant kids - but a very, very full schedule. Kudos to you for showing up with enthusiasm <3

    Also this made me laugh out loud: "I am NOT the kind of mom who buys the Peppa Pig Halloween collection on Prime Video so she can grade papers, and I don't even know why you would say that about me."