Friday, September 16, 2022


 1. I don’t really need help— and certainly not HALP. We chose this busy semester, and we jumped in with out eyes wide open. I know that when we find our groove (next week I hope because I promised myself we’d be grooving by the end of the month, damnit), we will be able to handle all of this and more. But dang!

(This tiny hack is so so so so so helpful with the general overwhelm)

2. We had an unbelievably full week, but we are still waiting for dance to start— so we will have somewhere else to be 5 nights a week. WHAT.
(Can’t take dance until she’s 3 but would like to right now, for the costumes mostly.)

3. Speaking of Minnie! She has 2 activities a week already— baby gym and swim. You can’t raise over-scheduled kids without raising over-scheduled  toddlers, is what I always say. But she’s not over-scheduled because have you ever spent a day with a toddler? IT LASTS FOREVR.

4. Harry and Jack get themselves to school and get themselves home and take themselves through the Starbucks line. I miss them! Last year, we drove them both to 2 different schools and spent over an hour a day carting them around, and I don’t think I appreciated how great that was. (But I did appreciate how much time it took out of our already stretched thin days, let me tell you).

5. Cooper has a hockey tape ball. It’s pretty big, so it’s pretty weird that I saw it for the first time this week. Also, it’s pretty weird.


  1. I think I’m going to have to steal your menu idea. I planned easy, low prep dinners, bought ingredients, and yet we ate frozen chicken nuggets three times last week.
    Cooper’s tape ball cracked me up. What is it with boys and tape balls?!

  2. Your entire first paragraph is EXACTLY how I feel. And oh how I remember those looooonnnnng days with a toddler!