Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Back! To! School! (The other 3 kids edition)

 Jack started a day before everyone else. They all went back on 9/2, and I must say it’s pretty sweet to have the first day if school be a weekend. You can head into Saturday feeling like you accomplished something, but also you just had one puny little day of school.

Here’s the crew:

Harrison, junior year

Dorothy, 4th Grade

Cooper, 5th grade

Minnie and me: home with Beatrix.

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  1. Time flies. I realized yesterday that after this morning, our daughter had fewer first days ahead of her than she had behind.
    She officially has 6 more "first" days before she graduates high school. I still remember SO many details of her first ever day of school.
    I'm glad she's growing up, but it's also...hard. I want to shelter them forever and I really miss all the lingering hugs. Today she said "You really don't need to walk me to the door, you know. I can go myself." *Sob*