Thursday, September 29, 2022

Phew! Making it!

 Minnie is approaching the toddler golden age, where she is still a little squishy baby, but she is also a fully functional (well, expect that she still wears diapers) person who walks and talks and has opinions that she is happy to share. THIS STAGE is why I have 5 kids— it’s just intoxicatingly perfect.

We are having a terrific time at The Little Gym, and it;s weird, but Minnie likes class much more now that she is maskless. She’s maskless because the big kids are maskless at school, so we just seem doomed to get sick this season. Gah. But seriously look how tensed she is to GET THOSE BUBBLES, pinafore and all:
Dorothy is loving dance so much— she just FLOATS right out of the studio. She is also still dressing up like a 90s Barbie, and I am here for it

Sleeping weather is on point right now, but I am going to miss sunny afternoons and going outside without our coats

On Wednesday, I surprised Dorothy and Cooper by picking them up early from school… SO WE COULD ALL GET FLU SHOTS. LOL LOL LOL They loved it.

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  1. I love this weather, but also - having to always remember a coat is a bit of a bummer. We're in a great stage now where I TAKE a coat, but often don't need to WEAR the coat. But I know my days are numbered and then it will be winter for approximately forever...