Friday, September 23, 2022

5 on a Friday

 1.  I had a weird realization about Harry today. He is SUPER SMART and aced his sophomore year AP history class-- the assignments, the exams, the AP exam itself, with almost no effort. BUT. These are the very same skills his English classes ask him to display (reading texts; understanding them; writing about them), and he just does ok in English (an A, but just barely, or a really high B) and is rarely motivated to actually read the material. Why is that? Just interest level? And does that mean he should really think about history and poli sci for a college major? Those of you with college or almost college kids: did they know what they wanted to major in before you started touring schools? My impulse as an educator is to say no, students should go in wide open and explore all possibilities. But as a parent footing the bill, I feel differently. Thoughts on this one?

2. I am ready to not breastfeed anymore. So ready, in fact, that I scheduled a mammogram for the first week in October even though my doctor told me around 12/21 that my breasts felt great and I could wait until I weaned. But I think she thought I would have weaned by now. I got a mammogram when I turned 40, and my doc said I should spend my 40s going every other year. But then the panny. And the baby. And it has been FOUR YEARS, and my anxiety has gotten the best of me. The radiology department called after I scheduled to dissuade me and said they may have to call me back for another mammogram and ultrasound since full milk ducts and interfere with results, but I kept the appointment anyway. SO. Maybe getting a mammogram will help me feel fine about still nursing because Minnie? IS NOT DONE.

3. Gratitude journaling is as good as everyone says it is, you guys.

4.  This second, busier week was ok. We played hooky on Monday to have dinner with an old friend, so we were not at full, full capacity. But it was … largely ok. Minnie is sick (not covid, flu, or rsv and no ear infection); Coop’s swim coach has covid, and the other kids don’t not have a cough. Dorothy freaking LOVES tumbling, and she is so happy with and proud of her dance team placements. Her hip hop group is (the only group on the whole team) not going to nationals, but she is nationals-bound for musical theater and a hip hop super group. She’s got a dance convention on the horizon next month that overlaps with one of Coop’s swim meets in a helpful way. She also adores her swim team class at Goldfish, and when her super group has rehearsal, she’s busy all 7 days a week. Jack is thrilled to be diving with his old coach and his summer friends once a week, and he has rehearsal for his fall play 4 days a week. Coop is swimming and playing hockey 5 nights each a week (same night sometimes— he’s a rockstar), and his baseball tournament team is gearing up for a couple more tournies before the season ends. He also dives one night a week on my campus, which creates headaches but is also really really cool. Harry is just taking tennis lessons 4 nights a week right now and is working on a speech before the season begins. He is also juggling a really challenging course load and starting to think more seriously about college. Minnie is enjoying swim and gym.

5. It’s FAAAAAAAAAAAALL!! The pumpkin spices! The sweater weather! The chill in the air. So exciting, you guys. (Remind me of this when it is freezing in April, ok)

Her sweet little legs. Back float is my favorite part of class. 

Peppa Pig wanted to ride a bike, so Minnie did, too. She says she is going to be a piggie for Halloween, by the way.

I mean, what do YOU wear on a rando Wednesday

Oh the pigtails

Oh the concentration when she’s choosing her germy communal crayons.

Halloween dresses and fall chill! I am here for it.


  1. The crisp morning air makes me so happy!! I'm so over it by January, but for now I just love it and try not to think about the future and snow and ice and such.

    Hurricane Fiona is set to make landfall late tonight, so we'll see what the start of fall looks like in the aftermath of that! I know we usually get blasted with a few tropical storms each fall, but it always takes me by surprise (maybe because you only get 4-5 days warning that something "might" be coming and until the last minute there is no way to tell how bad it's actually going to be).

  2. I'm so interested in your experience re college etc. I too have a super smart kid, but mine seems to be going the other extreme. As in, I'm not sure we're even going to make it to graduation, let alone college, even though he could pass these classes with his eyes closed. It's so hard when they're nearly fully formed and you have to watch them barrel through life.

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    For college searching, I found it so helpful to look for colleges that matched my career goals. (Which requires having career goals!). My parents guidance was: “Always have a plan. The plan can change, but be working on some plan!” I chose to go to a state school in the UW system (but not your school), because I wanted to be a biology teacher and didn’t want big debt as I anticipated a teacher salary. After college, I went to law school in another state and now I’m a lawyer, so my PLAN clearly changed, ha. But, it still helped so much to HAVE A PLAN. I would encourage Harry to think first about career goals, and then work backwards (What college degrees, college resources, internships, or credentials help to get to that career goal?) For picking a career, I found it so helpful to shadow and interview people in the job. Many people are willing to answer questions about their life/career/path, if you just ask!! Such a fun time in life.

  4. Has Harry considered volunteering in any history centered institutions locally? Local library or museums or historical societies? That might help him determine if a career in the history field is of interest. I volunteered at our state history museum all through high school with the goal of being a curator after college - majored in history and poli sci in college and then had an amazing advisor who told me to go to library school for my grad degree. I now have a good job working in a very large special collections at a public university that I love . Anyways - always happy to chat the realities of the job market in this profession if he has any interest :) [Also I'll note - I hated English class in high school - it just didn't interest me!]