Thursday, July 21, 2022

Summer: Short , Hot, and Crabby

 I know I mentioned this yesterday, but summer is so short! I need to remember that next year when I am complaining about all of the things: by July 22 we  will have had our last "normal" summer week. The baseball/softball season finishes mid-July, and the swim and dive season is over by the very last week. No more swim and dive team practice! No more tennis lessons! Before the calendar officially rolls over to August, we have a blank swath of days. (Except summer dance which lasts all month). You heard it here first.

I am strongly considering a social media hiatus August 11-22 while we are on our trip. Like, delete it from my phone, even. I will have to bring other screens (work computer, actual computer, maybe even my iPad), but I don't usually use social media on those. Well, that's not true. I do on my work laptop sometimes, but maybe I can get by with my chromebook that I use for my adjunct career college course and my iPad? I'll keep you posted-- I have definitely been sucked into the scroll lately, and I hate how distracted it makes me feel. Hey, way to go, May Sarah, who made all of the work in my online class due the day we get to the beach. GOOD THINKING.

Also making me stabby? THE HEAT WAVE we're having (which is still much cooler than just about everywhere else) because it's hard for my air conditioner to keep my house at my preferred temp (which I am not even going to tell you because your eyes will never stop rolling-- trust me on this one). Hot makes me mad.

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  1. Anonymous9:42 AM

    You probably already know this, but I just recently learned how to set a screen timer on my phone, so I can put a limit on my social media time. I set mine for 20 minutes and it seems reasonable (challenging but I don't feel like I'm missing a ton).