Saturday, July 02, 2022

Halfway day check in

Pool pic apropos of nothing, especially since this baby has less than 2 months to go before she’s 2– way more than halfway there **sob**

In honor of halfway day, I am checking in on my 22 for 2022 list, and you guys! I forgot about some of these things, but I still want to do them. I also sort of bailed on designing my summer, so maybe we can cram a bunch of college visits and playgrounds into the rest of this summer and kill 2 birds with one stone (which is a terrible metaphor this year because we are finding dead birds EVERYWHERE which, in turn, is a terrible omen).

I am doing far better than I thought I was at crossing these items off my list, and I think the key is to fill the list with things I really want to do.

 1. Go to the library on a regular schedule-- every 2 weeks and/or to pick up holds. I was doing this SO WELL until I got COVID. I am back on track, though.

2. Manage library holds so they don't come in all at once or expire. See above

3. Read my Books of the Month the month I get them. This has been SO VERY HELPFUL. I am so glad I put this on my list!!

4. Read with my eyeballs for 22 minutes a day. Same as above! Committing to actual reading has been so refreshing. I do still rely on audio books more than I maybe should, but a definite improvement!

5. Exercise 7 days a week. Except for COVID time, I am doing this, and it feels excellent.

6. Learn crow pose: Working on it

7. Run a Thanksgiving 5K: I have made progress toward this goal in that I have recruited Jack. BUT we are spending Turkey day in FL, so I have to maybe move this to another day.

8. Watch all the Oscar best picture nominees: I decided I didn’t want to do this.

9. Go to Pekin: Hopefully when we take the boys to speech camp next month?

10. Eat Monicals pizza: Same.

11. Take the kids to 22 local parks: Working on it!

12. Visit at least 3 WI state parks: Forgot about this! Will do it.

13. Take a family trip to tour Ben's campus: Still need to do this and really want to

14. Tour at least 4 UW system schools: We have done 1 and can do another when we cross of #14, so we’ll have to figure out more.

15. Tour 3 MN or IA schools: Well, this was ambitious. Ben and I need to brainstorm this one a bit more.

16. Throw fun birthday parties for all: Dropped the ball for Harry. Ooops. Also forgot Beatrix’s birthday entirely, so maybe I need to move this one to 2023.

17. Print 2022 AND 2021 pictures: LOL. Nope.

18. Finish Minnie's baby book: Nope.

19. Blog at least 12 days/month all year: Doing it

20. USE MY PLANNER: Doing it.

21. Buy a new LV bag: YEP!!

22. Either move or refinance the house or BOTH. Did one but still realllllly want to move.

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