Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Just when we like our routine, it's time to change! Again!

I was trying to capture my inexplicable braids and denim jumper look from yesterday, but I didn’t, quite. I am really scraping the bottom of the clothes barrel to find 12 separate summer semi-pro looks for my in-person class. Well, 11 because we didn’t have class on July 4th. Only 2 more classes to go, but they are a sartorial conundrum if ever there was one because I have to leave class and go immediately to All City Dive BOTH days next week. I have one maxi dress that’s casual but so comfy and one linen polka dot J Crew skirt that is older than 3 of the kids but might look fine with a white t-shirt on the last day and still be casual enough to not look weird on a pool deck. This reminds me of when the kids were little and I would take them to Little Gym in the morning and be in the classroom by afternoon. Multitasking mom clothes are hard.

Also hard? GETTING TO THE POOL RIGHT AS THE ADULT SWIM WHISTLE BLOWS. I have got to get it together timing-wise.

Luckily, there is “i-mean”

I have been trying to stick to late afternoon or just-after-dinner pool time because I am trying not to get so tan, but still! The tan is creeping in anyway.

Golden hour Minnie:

Dive and swim season is over after next week, and then our days have no pattern. But! Only for a week or so before we leave for vacation, and when we get back it will be time to frantically scramble for back-to-school supplies, my favorite. Also no one has clothes suitable to be worn outside the house and everyone has outgrown all their actual shoes (as opposed to Birks).

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  1. I would probably just wear the same boring thing every day and recycle outfits x 3 :)