Saturday, July 23, 2022

Soooooooo hot

 It’s, like, too hot to sit by the pool even today. We are supposed to have a perfect week of 79-degree days, but the price we pay is a disgusting almost-100-degree day sand terrible storms. Boo.

In grocery news (LOL), I tried a new combo of Costco delivery, Kroger pickup, and a (masked) trip INSIDE Target. Kind of fun! Kind of pricey.

Oh, yes. Masks. Our county is back up in the red, so we have shuffled some things around (a couple virtual days for my in-person class, a couple weeks off of The Little Gym, masks at dance and Target, etc). I am still not wearing one if I run in somewhere, and I haven’t actually worn one to teach all term. But slowly, hospitalizations have crept back up, and the in-person cohort in the dorms has started to get sick and be exposed. We had an excellent run, though, and it’s not hard to pull out the old KN-95s and curtail our indoor activities. We are all, sadly, very good at pivoting these days.

Ben and I are committed to the sneaky last-minute date night, and luckily my favorite vodka lemonade is only 2 minutes away.

Last dive meet of the season last night— they only have the All City competition to go!! Cooper and Dorothy had their last swim meet of the season, too, this morning. Again, just the All-City meet left on the books. (We are going to have a busy busy busy week).
We watched our divers from the grass and tried to stay in the shade because we spent an afternoon at the pool, and I got TAN THROUGH MY RASH GUARD. What.

She picked this outfit out and I love it. Also, I know everyone says she looks like Ben, but all I see is my Grandpa Dick in pigtails.

Beatrix posed for me so patiently

After I cam upon her like this and thought she was dead
She adores the water
How do you think it feels to have completely flat feet? I think about Minnie all the time when the yoga video tells me to press into the mat with all 4 corners of my feet.

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