Friday, July 08, 2022

How did we get so BUSY?

 I have been solo parenting a lot (A LOT) because Ben’s job got unexpectedly busier this summer and he is coaching Cooper’s Little League districts team, meaning he has been on campus more AND he’s been at baseball every single night for the last 3 weeks.


I know we only had a 3-day weekend, but I haven’t really known what day it is all week. Yesterday, for example, we just forgot to go to The Little Gym because I didn’t know it was Thursday. 

We’ve been doing lots of errands and dropping off of kids and tidying in the morning, followed by frequent work and housework during nap, afternoon water table and neighborhood walks, and evenings at the pool.

Ben and I see each other at about 9:15 pm for an hour or so before I pass out, and then we do it all over again. I thought baseball season was done, but then surprise? Coop’s travel team picked up a tournament for this weekend hashtag blessed. Swim and dive is over at the end of the month, though, so we really will have a few less busy weeks before the school rush (I say that now…).

I mean, it’s not all swimming with a toddler in the shallow end and waving goodbye to kids as they head out the minivan and packing and unpacking their sports bags. We also go to the zoo to spy on the new baby orangutan whenever we can, and there’s always sweet treat Tuesday to get us out of the house
I always forget how busy we are in the summer, especially since COVID summers threw a wrench on our routines. The first summer we did nothing except wait for Minnie to be born and go to the pool in 90-minute shifts we had to sign up for in advance. Jack had dive practice, but there were no meets. And then last summer, we did swim for 2 and dive for 2, plus baseball and dance team, but Minnie was an infant. Now she’s a person with her own schedule and ideas, and she can’t just be shuffled along with everyone else. Maybe what I forgot was 2 year-olds. Ha!



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  1. I know where that ice cream shoppe is! :D Such a good choice.