Friday, July 29, 2022

Purse, again.

 Ok. So. My Lulu belt bag came yesterday, and the color is really not great. 

But! I am keeping it and poppingoin to the website regularly to get another one. (Right now they have red and blue, but meh. I want either black or pink).

 Also! It is the perfect size for a phone, lipstick, hand sanitizer, travel pack of baby wipes, an extra diaper. But! I also need a wallet and keys. So, I ordered a cute little card holder wallet and key chain as well. And I exchanged my other bag for shorts. Meaning! This cheap little fanny pack has cost over $200 **eye roll** I should have just bought this one on day one.

But! I am committed and am going to try so hard NOT to bring my giant diaper bag places.

In other life changing purse news, did you know a company on Amazon makes organizers to go inside LV Neverfull bags?? Saw it on Instagram and immediately ordered one for my work tote (my Neverfull diaper bag is beyond help).

Apparently it also fits a Speedy 40 (my fave non diaper bag large purse)?!? Will report back, but that seems unlikely because of the shape?

Just like I am committed to making my purse life simpler before vacation, Minnie is committed to wearing goggles all of the days. Or at least all day.

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