Sunday, July 24, 2022

Purses and a Belly Flop

Lime cucumber?! Who even made this flavor? Someone who hates hydration?

(Those Gatorades were a grocery store sub. I ordered the perfectly normal antifreeze-colored ones the kids really liked, but they were out of those ad had plenty of the most terrible flavor in the world, for obvious reasons).

I have a dream that I will be able to leave my giant diaper bag and even my pretty large saddle bag purse at home when we go to the beach (and later this year to Disney World) and just take a teeny purse like every other mom I see.

This one is not big small enough. Also it is a crossbody, not a front purse, but it hangs poorly. Probably taking it back, which is fine because I need to buy shorts anyway so it’s not, like, an extra trip.

This one is on the way (yes, that is the best color in stock right now— or at least when I ordered it).
Whichever one is less bad is the one I will keep. Unless I just keep them both because they’re both bad and also ennui, which is a huge possibility.

To close, since all you really need to know about me you can get from IG, I give you THE SWAN DIVE:



  1. I used the Everywhere Belt Bag when we went to Disney and it was DELIGHTFUL. Just big enough for my phone, wallet, etc. I’m definitely a bag goldfish in that I’ll grow to fill whatever space I have

  2. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I swear by the Luluemon Fanny pack. Holds a lot and it can go crossbody.