Monday, July 11, 2022

Stealth Baseball

 After practicing every single day for 2 weeks and then playing baseball every night all week last week, Cooper’s district team lost their bid for state, and I thought maybe things would ease up, since that left Cooper with only one more baseball team (out of three). But then! The coach of that team signed the boys up for a last-minute tournament about 45 minutes away from home, so once again I single-mommed it all weekend.

Well, not really because the tournament was near an excellent little creamery that I love, so Dorothy and Minnie and I saw 2 games on Saturday and ate a very dairy-forward lunch. So fun! So delicious! So cute!

Matching H&M dresses

BEST grilled cheeses

Minnie insisted on swinging in a big kid swing, which really kind of freaked me out.
She could not believe her luck— a PURPLE TRACTOR?!
Oh my gosh— look at the teeny little bite marks on that pickle.
She’s just so sweet.
Look at my nervous face as she lets go of the chain
The baseball field Coop’s team played on was right next to a toddler park, so I could see the games, and Minnie could get herself up and down the slide. It was ideal.
Even though it was only 78-degrees, it was aggressively humid and sunny. We all needed MUCH SUNSCREEN and also a snow cone.
Cooper hit SO WELL all tournament long, and he had a great time.
We brought a tent and lots of crafts, and Dorothy and Minnie were joined by younger sisters from many different teams.

Here’s Coop on the drive home— so cute!

His team ended up losing in the semifinals by ONE RUN in a game called for time (so close!!) and then taking 4th overall. Ben and Coop went solo on Sunday. We had plans to meet them for the championship game if they made it, but **sad trombone**. We could have watched the third-place game, but there was nap! And general housework! (Minnie ended up only sleeping for 45 minutes Sunday at home after a 30-minute car nap as her only siesta Saturday, and this makes me think we need to be very careful about her naps on vacay because I am not ready for life with a no-napper).

Still, I am glad it was a last minute tournament because I would have spent the week dreading it no all the solo house and kid work. Instead, I just had to deal with it (although I was kind of a jerk to Ben via text midday Sunday and left as soon as Ben got home to wander aimlessly through Old Navy and pick up a few grocery items I forgot despite 2 deliveries). Dorothy has softball this weekend (also a swim meet!), but otherwise, I think we are ball-free the rest of this week and should just have some practices through the end of the month with more tournaments to come August-October. 

And then it’s hockey season.

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  1. Ha! I told someone today I REFUSE to let Levi even think about hockey. Every time he even mentions one of his friends who plays I feel like I'm going to go crazy.
    You guys are BUSY but also...look really, really happy. You've got a great crew of cheerleaders for all the various family activities and everyone seems glad to hang out together. I'm sure there are some tough/chaotic moments but also a lot of really, really great ones. It's a real treat to read about you juggling all the craziness and still maintaining a great attitude through it all. Your kids are going to have such a great childhood to look back upon!!!