Friday, July 30, 2021

Covid Bah Humbugs

 I am just so SAD about the new COVID developments. I HATE that this new variant is so contagious and also transmitted by vaccinated people. I CRINGE when I hear "the pandemic of the unvaccinated" because three of my KIDS are unvaccinated. The TRAGIC misinformation! The TERRIBLE state legislative decisions all over the country motived by politics not public health! It all seems like too much. I mean, in retrospect, we should have sent the kids to school last year because IT WAS PROBABLY SAFER. But we did not, and now they need to go back, so it's not even a question.

I just ordered personalized face masks for Minnie's outdoor birthday party which we hope doesn't get cancelled by a surge. Very depressing. Even more depressing after a few months of --dare I say --normalcy.

In other totally unrelated news, we FINALLY replaced the rest of our main floor light fixtures and I love the results

Thanks to Maya, I am loving this really heavy essay about climate grief-- give yourself the gift of tuning out the world ending re: disease and instead think about it ending re: fire, floods, starvation, etc. (And probably also disease because once that tundra melts, WHO KNOWS WHAT OLD DEAD VIRUSES AND BACTERIA ARE LURKING.


  1. I don't know if I want to read that essay or not...

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, Sarah!

    @Virginia--It's actually not all gloom :). A point in the essay I found useful is that climate change denial may be linked to feelings of anxiety and trauma rather than political alignment for many people. So giving them more information about climate change may not be the best way to reach them--we may be able to reach them when we address their feelings.