Tuesday, July 27, 2021



Yesterday, Jack competed at All-City dive, and today was Cooper's age group. BUT. Before I tell you about that, let's back it up to last Friday night, the boys' last home dive meet of the season. And what a season it has been! Several times, both boys came home with blue ribbons, and Jack! Won every single dual meet of the summer, which was amazing and one of his lofty summer dive goals.

Another lofty summer dive goal? To shatter the boys' 13-14 y/o record at the pool, meaning he will get his name on the leaderboard that hangs up all season long. HE DID IT!

He got a 173.4, and the previous record was a 168.

Doing it on his home boards was especially sweet for Jack, as he also won his 6/6 meet, and got to pose with his little brother for another double blue ribbon photo

Jack's other lofty summer dive goal was to be on the podium at the All-City meet, meaning he had to make it past prelims and into finals and place in the top 7 in the city.

And he did that too!

He was actually 9th going into the final, but he saved his big dives for the end and moved up two spots to finish 7th for the tournament. He dove beautifully the whole time, earning nothing lower than a 5 in prelims.

What an amazing season!

Today was Cooper's turn to compete at All-City. He got off to a rocky start with a back dive that scored 4's, and it looked like he might not advance out of prelims. His next dive, though, was a 1 1/2 pike somersault, and he got 7.5's on it-- which is a pretty crazy score for a kid his age. Cooper was in third place going into the finals, and he ended up finishing 5th in the city, exceeding his wildest expectations.

But the most awesomely unexpected and amazing thing was that his score of 133.70 (on 5 dives-- the older kids compete with 6, which is why they have such high scores) broke the under 10 pool record of 133.05, meaning we will have TWO KIDDOS on the pool leaderboard next year. We are so proud and excited!!

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