Saturday, July 24, 2021

Fave pics of little miss Minnie-- as if EVERY post isn't that already

 I have big swim and dive related news which you have probably seen on my Instagram, BUT, for some reason, I cannot get my pictures to sync unless I plug my phone in (and that takes a stupid adapter because I only have USB-c ports, and OMFG).

So, anyway. My 2 fave pictures of Minnie:

Literally HATES the grass. HATES IT. I just adore the way she has a leg off the ground and her toes so curled up. She alternates which leg she raises.

And this one! She likes doing WHATEVER the other kids are doing, and it is precious. She was just delighted to pull her high chair over to the island and eat pancakes with them. Even though theirs were buttermilk chocolate chip and hers were baby pancakes I make with a mashed banana, an egg, 2 TBSP of flour, and some cinnamon.


  1. This post full of adorable kids was on my mind when I went to a work reception last evening, and I mentioned it when the talk turned to academia and motherhood. Turns out, one of the people at my table knows you IRL! She sent you pictures of us :).

  2. This is amazing!! We went to grad school together, and she is a wonderful person.